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Preserve nature and the environment

As an individual, I aim at being able to maximize my talents and capacities to be the best that I can be. I want to be able to identify my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses so I would know which part of me I could develop and enhance. I want to be a person of good moral and strong character, to be an individual that would not be a burden to my community, but to be someone that the younger generation could look up to by exhibiting a good example to them. I want to influence the youth into focusing more on the things that matter – family, education and community.

I want to support programs that would promote this to teenagers. I also want to be part of socially relevant causes, particularly of movements that aim to preserve nature and the environment. I want to practice habits that would contribute to this cause. Sub Mission: Family It is part of my goal to be able to be able to help support my family. I want to share in the household responsibilities and be able to contribute emotionally, mentally and financially to each member of the family.

I want to be a responsible individual so that my mother would not worry about me. I also look forward to being a good example to my nephew. I can achieve my goal towards the family by taking my job seriously and give importance to this as much as I give importance to my education. My job gives me financial independence, and this makes me less of a burden to the rest of my family members. I will work hard to advance my career, because a better job means better compensation that I could share to my family members.

By being responsible in my decisions, I could achieve the second goal. As an adult, we all develop a sense of responsibility and maturity in all our actions and decisions. This includes being able to avoid juvenile troubles and instead, focusing on things that matter like our jobs. I would like to give my mother the benefit of being complacent that her child is a responsible individual who would do only the right things. I further hope to be a good example to my nephew by being able to maintain all the things I mentioned above.

I want him to grow up as a responsible individual, whose goals are focused towards the betterment of his life. Sub Mission: Education I look forward to finishing my degree on time. My education is important to me that I am handling it simultaneously with my current job. I want to get good grades for all my subjects so that I would have an impressive transcript of records when I leave the university. By finishing my degree on time, I will not have time wasted and would have the opportunity to find a better job after college.

I would need to avoid being sidetracked by extra activities such as extra time with friends or being pre occupied with a particular hobby. To achieve this goal, I need to focus on my studies, and do my projects and homework diligently. By getting good grades, I would have a better chance of landing a job of my choice when I get out of the university. To accomplish this, I would have to double my efforts in studying and submitting my requirements. I also need to extra efforts for the other subjects that I need to improve on. Sub Mission: Professional/ Career

I plan to improve further as a Sales Director by acquiring more clients. I also plan to enhance my skills further by understanding and studying my products better. This way, I could come up with more business solutions for my clients. I am targeting to achieve my annual quota by 120% and be one of the top sales persons in the company. I can achieve my first goal by developing stronger relationships with my current clientele so that I may get more referrals and meet more potential customers. I can do this by providing the best service to them.

I would need to give more time understanding the needs of my customers if I want to achieve this. I look forward to participating in product and skills developmental trainings so that I could improve my quality of work further. I can do this by managing my time so that I could attend seminars and workshops that would help me towards this goal. As a sales man, I plan to achieve my sales quota more than the expected quantity. I want to do this during my first year of employment. I could do this by working doubly hard in finding clients, and providing these clients with good service. Conclusion

My goal is to simply improve my life by working hard in tackling the roles and responsibilities assigned to me. As a (son/ daughter), I want my parents to be proud of me by being a good, responsible individual whom family members could rely on. It follows that I have to be a good student by taking my education seriously and trying my best to finish my schooling on time. A college degree, and eventually a post-graduate degree, would bring me closer to my career goals. Lastly, by bringing out the best in me as in individual, I would have the strength and the capacity to contribute to the society.

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