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Pro-Lifers and Pro-choice

Abortion has always been a heated topic of debate by Pro-Lifers and Pro-choice people alike. My personal reflection on this topic is that a woman must have the right to choose. The Pro-choice agenda has been distorted over the years. Many people believe that if you allow a woman a choice, you allow abortion as an acceptiabel form of birth controll. Wich this is inaccurate information of the Pro-choice agenda. Christian Pro-life groups have distorted the act of when life actually begins. I will debate this topic as well.

Abortion is a personall choice that is also protected by the Constution of the United States of America more directley byt the 14th amendment and the 9th amendment. Wich state the state goverments cannot deprive a person of life liberty and property, with out the due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdication the equall protection of the laws. (14th Amendment XIV section 1) The enumeration in the Constution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people (9th Amendment).

Let’s look at some facts abourt abortion (Congressional Quartley: State Fact Finder p. 244) Stated that Tenneessee ranks as the 20th state in numbers of abortions 17,610 performend in 2003, 233 abortion performend per 1,000 live births in the state of Tennessee. Among the highest ranking in the U. S. are New York, Road Island, and Delaware. Among the lowest ranking is Utah, Kentuckey. In Tennessee the statisis stated by (Tennessee Statisical 2003 Abstract graph 17. 7, 17. 8) are as followes: Wemon between the ages of 10-44 had 15,720 abortions in 2003 wich equalls to about 10.

9 percent of the female population. Interesting facts I find condsidering Tennesseen also has the 9th highest ranking, of church or synagogue attendance. By state 52% of the population attend church once a week or almost every week. (The San Diego Union Tribune 05/02/2006) This long debate topic had a very long history its self. In 1200 Pope Innoccent III wrote that when quickening began, abortion was a homicide (The history of Abortion in the Cathloic Church, Hurst). Before that abortion was considered a less serious sin. In 1487 Malleus Maleficarum (Heinrich Institoricaus; Jakob Springer p.

66) a witch hunting manual is published in Germany . It accuses midwives who preform abortions of commiting witch craft. 1591 Pope Gregory XIV declared prior to 116 days (17 weeks) . Church penaitles would not be any stricter than local penaitles, wich varied from countyr to country (The History of Abortion in the Calthioc Church, Hurst). 1765 post quickining abortions were no longer considered homicide in England, but William Black stone called it a” very henouis misdameanor” (Commentaries of the Laws of England [1765] Amendment IX Doucment 1; Universtity of Chicago Press p. 388, 1979).

1821 Connectect Passes 1st statue that forbids using posining to induce a woman to miscarriage (Battleground: Wemon, Gender, and Sexuality p. 3-4) 1820-1900 Primarilary through the working s of the American Medical Assoiction and legislators most abortions were deemed illigal In the U. S. (Abortions in America: The Orgins and evolition of National Policy {1979} New York Oxford University Press)1920 Lenin Leganized all abortions in the Soviet Union. 1959 The American Law Institute drafts a model of a state abortion law based on the American Law Institute Model (Battleground: Wemon, Gender and sexualityp.

3-4) As you can see in the history of abortion, laws have been deemed less restrictive as our history progresses. 1971 The Indian Parliament under the Prime Ministership of a woman prime minister Indira Ganadhi Passes Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act(The FramingBusiness. net,Gavin C Schmitt, 01/24/2009) most may simpley rember this as the MPI act of 1971. Making India on of the earliest nations passing an act of this kind. This is ground breaking considering India was looked at as a very consertative country on the issue. 1973 The U. S.

Supreme Court, In Roe Vs Wade (Roe V Wade) declared the entire individual state ban on abortions during the first trimester to be unconstutional. This allowed states to regulate but not proscribe in the secound trimester, and allowed physicans to proscribe abortions in all trimesters when the physican belives that it is needed to save the life of the mother and is necessary for her physical and or mental health. What is an Abortion? The Merriam-Webster Dictonary states abortion is the spontaneaus or induced termination of a pregancy after accompanied by, resulting ,in or closley followed by the death of the embro or fetus(p.

2,2004 edition)What are the stages of preganices and when are most abortions preformed? 52% of all abortions are preformed befor the 20thweek (www. GuttmacherInstitute. com). Abortions in the first nine weeks of pregancie are generally preforned by mecically removing by suction or possiably by a drug known as RU-486, wich became legal on September 2000. After 14 weeks gestitation most abortions are preformed by surgery know as the D&E proceedure. After 20 weeks abortions can be preformed by labor induction, prostaylandin labor incuction, saline infusion, hysterotomy or dilation and extraction (www.

GuttmacherInstitute. com). My personal basis for my argument is based on the Bible and the U. S. Constution. The Bible’s reference on this is taken from Exdous where it clearley indicates that he fetus does not have the same legal rights as a person (Chapter 21:22-23) If men fight and hury a woman with child, so that she gives birth prematurley, yet no harm followes he shall shurley be punished accordingley as the womans husband imposes on him, and he shall pay ad the judge determines.

but if any harm followes thewn yo shall give life or life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth,hand for hand , foot for foot,burn for burn, wound for wound and stripe for stripe. That passage implies that if a man pushes a pregnate woman and she misscarries then he is only to pay a fine to her husband, but if he takes the womans life he is to be punished more severely. Another passage the Bible refeers to God given abortions (Hosea 9:11-14)

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