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Problem with Worshiping Idol

A monotheistic religion, revelation-based and world’s second largest religion, is known as the Islam. From the selection, Islamic perspective sees false idolatry as something that will deprive them of the Paradise. Only those who are faithful to Allah will inherit and be able to dwell it. Allah invites you to the Home of Peace. He guides whom He will to a straight path. Those that do good works shall be rewarded with abundant blessings. Neither blackness nor misery shall cover their faces.

They are the heirs of Paradise: in it they shall abide forever (Surah, 487). Once a person embraces the religion, he is to profess faithfulness in having worship one god- Allah. Islam revolves only in one core: to worship Allah. This belief assures followers the life without misery and doubt before and after death. Should they commit mistake or fall into the pathways of evil, no one can save them, not even their idol; this will be re-payed by another evil, which would make them suffer eventually.

Thereupon each soul will know what it has done. They shall be sent back to Allah, their true Lord, and the idols they invented will forsake them (487). Worshiping other gods is planning dread future. They will be there while you worship. But once idolaters are separated from the Islam, the idols would simply deny them. Idolatry, being a religious sin, for Islams would subject them to punishment.

Their idols can not provide them guidance, conceive the Creation and renew it and lead them to the Truth. And without the Truth, in the end, they will gain nothing. This Koran could not have been composed by any but Allah [… ] It is beyond doubt from the Lord of the Creation (487). What comes out of Allah is of divine creation. Koran, Muslim’s most sacred text, was created by Allah. Belief has it that what He created can not be created or imitated by false gods. Reference

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