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Process of memory through my daily routine

When undertaking daily normal routine memories play a very significant role. This is because there are some activities, which depends on the memory one has in order to undertake it. It also the memory that one has that makes one be in a position to handle various tasks effectively. Scientists have discovered each part of human memory system in order to better understand how human beings encode memories as well as how human beings retrieve the memories. There is shallow encoding which involves those things that I remember by repeating information by myself.

This is part of the short-term memory, which we use when we hold some information in our mind for several seconds. This relies on the part of brain, which is designed only for short term memory processes (Boller & Grafman, 2000). For instance, when am reading and I get a word that I need to look its meaning in the dictionary I tends to memorize the word as I try to look at its meaning. It also happens if a friend of mine gives me his contacts I tend to memorize the numbers before I can save them in my cell phone or before I write them in my contact book.

There is also elaborative encoding which is a situation when one feels that one has trouble to remember things which one needs to remember. This is a situation, which makes one have low self-esteem and feel embarrassed. For instance, in the class room one feels I tend to feel embarrassed when the our instructor asks a question in which he had explained the previous day but in most cases I find myself having forgotten already. In order to encode the information that is incoming it becomes necessary to associate the information with something that is already in the memory (Boller & Grafman, 2000).

This becomes easy to retrieve the memory because there is an actual means to recall because it is related to something that is already in the memory. For instance, in all my subjects when am studying I usually formulate my own examples instead of the examples that are given in the books so that I can easily understand and remember various concepts which might be difficult to understand by following the examples that are given in the books or in articles. This helps me in tests because whenever I find something difficult I tend to recall the examples that I have formulated for myself and by this, it becomes easy to apply the concepts.

The short-term memories and the long-term memories, which make us, remember what we remember. There is the long-term memory, which I usually utilize most times. This is the information that is of great significant. This is because when the mind process information we tend to attach great significance to information, which we treat as more important. This is the information that is transferred from the short-term memory to the long-term memory. We also tend to remember information that is rehearsed.

For instance, there are normal activities, which are already in my long-term memory. When I wake up in the morning I have to pray, wake up and take a birth, take my breakfast and them I head on to the college. In the school, I always have in my memory the school timetable. These are tasks that are already fixed in my mind and which are repeated daily. References Boller, F. & Grafman, J. (2000) Handbook of Neuropsychology: Memory and its disorders 2nd edition, New York, Elsevier Health Sciences.

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