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Pure Race Heritage

African American are the descendants of the enslaved Africans with their genealogy tracing back to slavery era which they survived and brought themselves a new identity and grace. In 18th and 19th century over 400,000 black Africans were there under the slavery of Americans and that phase of their lives counted full of cruelties which bears and tolerates inhuman attitude of their owners.

Before and after the civil war broke out there were not all African Americans who were slaved around 200,000 were free who were struggling for their new identity. The thirteenth amendment in the US constitution in early nineteenth century abolished the ownership of individuals by one person, but it did not remove the culture and organizational structure of slavery, making life repressive and unequal for blacks. But as the blacks got themselves free from slavery there are many blacks in United State who can state their ancestors as free blacks.

There are six recognized races White, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, Two or more races and a race specified Some other race and as for ethnicity Hispanic and Latino Americans being stated as the racially diverse ethnicity comprises of minorities of American nation. Now if we consider an example pure race heritage existence we see a number of famous personalities who can perfectly justify their belonging to a pure race i. e.

President Barack Obama, Television Host Oprah Winfrey and the famous American Singer Beyonce’ Knowles. Blacks who started their struggle as slaves in 17th century are now represented by almost every industry, however as many as 40% of black Americans belong to middle class living. They now progresses to high level of achievements as an African American race person being elected as the 44th and current president of United States of America. Work Cited Powell, Kimberly. “African American Family History Step by Step. ” About Genealogy – Learn How to Research Your Family Tree. N. p. , n. d. Web. 30 May 2010.

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