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Room Service Amenities

One of the brands that RoomService Amenities has in the market today is its Green Natura soap. Unlike other soaps in the market, Green Natura is a vegetable-based soap. It also has a unique design in that it has no middle part. Meaning it has a hole in the middle. According to the company, by having a hole in the middle, the waste produced by the unused center is reduced. The soap is also contained in a recycled packaging and the ink used in printing is soy-based. Everything about the product is environmental.

The product is currently being marketed for use in hotel bathrooms. The hotels are probably doing this because it can in fact help them save on waste. The main question then is if the product is introduced into the general market, will it be successful? Just by looking at the product, one can honestly say that it is ergonomic. The soap is easier to hold from the start. Even the box looks very nice since it also has a hole in the middle. However I have doubts that the soap will be a success.

One question that comes to mind is what happens when the soap becomes thin? There is a chance that it will break and that the user will have no choice but to discard it. Thus the waste problem is still not answered. The area of the body that the soap is able to clean is also lessened because of the design. With the propensity of people to be clean these days, this may not hold well for some of them. Admitedly, the idea that the soap is environmental is its biggest appeal.

Aside from cleanliness, the trend nowadays seems to be “going green” or becoming environmental. In this case, the product has a good chance of being successful. The key therefore is how the company will market the soap if it decides to sell it on the mainstream. I believe that the company should focus its marketing on the soap being environmental and second on its design. The Green Natura soap is a one of a kind product. Given the chance, the soap will go a long way to helping us have a cleaner and better environment.

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