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Rural Villagers: How Ready for New Age?

There is indeed an overlooked market for new business opportunity in the rural areas. Consequently, rural dwellers are almost always behind progress as compared to urban people. But I understand that there are factors that require a considerable justification before one organization would risk to invest time, money, and effort in introducing a product to a particular market. Like for example, it will be too impractical to introduce GPS products to rural villagers as it would not be of good use to them.

But there is a need to present the advancement in technology for the rural market. I would agree in saying that there is a good business opportunity in rural villages and it is also imperative to bring in the technology enjoyed in urban life to rural villages in the context of progress as a community and as a nation. However, the significant concern of business organizations is whether such market would positively respond to the products being introduced and that is another story posing a good challenge.

There is a need to consider the economic aspect. There is also a need to consider as to whether this market group is ready for such advance products in view of their educational potential to grasp how to use the product being introduced. Like for example when introducing the internet to rural villagers, the advertisers and marketers need to first ascertain that these rural villagers have an understanding of what is the internet and that they know how to operate a computer.

These factors were not raised in the response while introducing the concept of new business opportunities in rural villages. True, it is a good market and it has been untapped. But the factors why these market groups had been ignored were not discussed. I strongly agree however, that taking into account the foundation of the article based on statistical data is indisputable but the questionnaires were certainly unjustified.

But the author failed to discuss the advantages of the methodology that was used and a rationalization on the reason why it was agreeable. The article presented a study on the viewing habits of rural children in China and found out that they are inclined into doing certain activities like playing, working, or studying because of the lack of opportunity that is being presented to urban children like watching television or reading magazines.

This research had presented a potential market to advertisers and marketers, but the researcher missed to discuss the competence level of this market to grasp new products like the internet. It is also something that the author of the post missed to recognize before deciding into penetrating the market with the introduction of the internet kiosk.

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