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Saudi Arabia

Much clamor has existed over the use of fossil fuels. It has been under a lot of fire as it as oil has been defined as a threat to the environment not only because consumption causes the emission of carbon dioxide but also because oil, from exploration to drilling causes a plethora of environmental hazards. Additionally, relying on foreign oil has become a heavy burden for a lot of economies since oil has become a very pricey commodity. Renewable energy sources may be the solution to the world’s energy problem since it is environment-friendly as well as economical.

Sorenson points out in his essay that renewable energy sources just will not do it since it has been identified to have negative effects. However, the effects of renewable energy sources fall short in comparison to the negative effects of oil and other fossil fuels. The critique gives a good point saying that Sorensen’s arguments are not ultimate. With enough time and attention, the drawbacks of renewable energy that were specified could easily be solved. Noise coming from wind plant is more bearable compared to air pollution coming from coal plants.

If man was able to make sound-proof rooms and quiet engines, surely, the same can be done of wind turbines. Sorensen pointed out another aspect saying that solar panels can heat the air above it that could affect aircrafts. This can easily be solved by making the area on top of the solar panels a no-fly zone. Surely, this would not be a problem since aircrafts follow a definite route and realizing this negative effect of solar energy, no solar plant would be constructed in an area where aircrafts pass. If ever this happens, the aircrafts can easily change course to avoid the no-fly zone.

The problem with renewable energy sources is that there a lot of special interests relating to the use of fossil fuels. Oil companies are operated by a lot of wealthy people and they hate to see renewable energy sources develop since it would mean competition in the energy market. Renewable energy sources have already been used as a source of energy for a long time and there are hardly any problems. Wind energy and solar energy have been used but not really for large-scale energy consumption but it has been used and it has proven to be efficient sources of energy aside from a few tolerable drawbacks.

A little scientific research can easily solve these drawbacks. Another problem with Sorensen’s article is that it only cited two renewable energy sources when in fact there are a plethora of other energy sources available. Aside from solar and wind, there are other renewable energy sources such as geothermal, hydrogen, hydroelectric, nuclear, biofuels, tidal, biomass, etc. We can also say that people are afraid of change. Even as some renewable energy sources have already shown promise, much of the society still does not want to adopt it. Many countries rely heavily on hydroelectric energy and wind energy.

Some rely on nuclear energy for much of their energy needs. Others are heavily dependent on geothermal energy. Soerensen makes a generalization that renewable energy sources are flawed even as he just analyzed two energy sources. He did not even do an in-depth analysis. He merely cited one drawback of each energy source and proceeded to conclude that all energy sources are flawed. This appears more like black propaganda rather than balanced reporting. Even as he indicated that he loves the thought of renewable energy sources, he did not give it much of a chance by tagging it flawed with very little evidence.

Renewable energy provides a lot of promise since it does not emit greenhouse gases and does not produce environmental pollutants. It is also free for everyone which would solve the current energy crisis. The demand for energy would most like be sufficed if renewable energy sources could be used. The success of a renewable energy source depends on the location. You cannot harness geothermal energy from a location which is unsuitable; likewise, wind energy cannot be harnessed from a location that does not have strong winds.

Another case is hydroelectric energy; one cannot harness hydroelectric energy if there is no body of water wherein a dam could be built. On the other hand, solar energy cannot be harnessed during the night but this has been solved with a backup battery that stores energy during daytime for use at night time. Much attention has also been geared towards renewable energy. Many countries, including Saudi Arabia which is the world’s leading producer and exporter of oil, has showed interest in developing these renewable energy sources.

They provide funding for research works aimed at forwarding these renewable energy sources so that its potentials would increase. They are also working on making renewable more economical for commercialization. The problem is not renewable energy in itself since it has already proven to be a reliable source of energy for many countries. The only solution needed is for the rest of the people to open their eyes to the truth that renewable energy is not all that harmful. They should not let themselves be affected by malicious propaganda making unfounded accusations of renewable energy sources because of a hidden agenda.

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