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Similarity and Difference

The themes of “A Conservative” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and “Nature” by Emily Dickinson are different, but the poems are similar in their use of natural imagery. The similarity between the poems can be seen in their use of natural elements in the development of their poems. This use of natural elements can be seen in Gilman’s “A Conservative” as she compares a woman’s development to the metamorphosis of a larva to a butterfly. Within the poem, Gilman describes the grief of the butterfly who refused to recognize the new possibilities enabled by her acquisition of wings.

The butterfly in Gilman’s “A Conservative” is initially described to be “a new-fledged butterfly…/All doleful and forlorn” since he does not want to fly but merely wishes “to squirm…(and) be a worm. ” Dickinson also uses natural elements in “Nature. ” Within the poem, Dickinson describes the movements of a bird who was caught unaware by a human observer. Dickinson describes the bird to be a ‘cautious’ creature, wary of danger as can be seen in the frightened look in its eyes.

On the other hand, the poems differ as can be seen in how both poets used the natural images in order to develop their themes. As opposed to Gilman’s “A Conservative,” whose use of natural images aims to emphasize the ironic position of women who refuse to practice their freedom despite their capability to practice it; Dickinson’s “Nature,” uses natural images in order to point out the relationship of all creatures, elements and forces in nature.

In the case of Gilman’s “A Conservative,” this is evident as Gilman implicitly compares a butterfly who wishes to be a worm to a conservative person. In the case of Dickson’s “Nature,” this is evident as Dickinson compares the bird’s flight to the movement things in nature. Author List Dickinson, Emily. “Part Two: Nature: XIII. ” Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. “A Conservative. ”

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