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Spicy foods

Jessica started her discussion of classical conditioning directly and made mention of her personal experience with pickles. It is unfortunate that she developed an aversion to pickles considering that she has eaten this when she was younger and had no problem with them primarily. I believe this aversion of hers is a conditioned taste aversion that is a good example of the basic mechanisms of classical conditioning.

Nonetheless, I think she could have made her post more interesting if she narrated the story of the particular time when her aversion to pickles came about. Her post on operant conditioning, on the other hand, was elaborated with a narration from the Bible. The example she used with God’s constant rewarding and punishing of Moses and the Israelites was a famous story in the Bible and is also a classic illustration of operant conditioning.

Nevertheless, I believe her post will be more appealing if she relayed the verses in her own words and then made an analysis afterward. The post of Nicholas on classical conditioning is a perfect example of a discussion that sustained my interest from start to finish. Because of a detailed narrative and his wise use of words, he was able to come up with an effective post. I am uncertain though that his acquisition to hot peppers was a positive one as most of us have developed a disliking for spicy foods.

Nevertheless, the effect of his post to me is positive that I wish to try some hot peppers in my dish sometime too. Nicholas’s post on operant conditioning relates a rather less famous parable in the Bible. Nonetheless, what made his discussion interesting is his use of ‘what if’ questions that were not found in the passage. Indeed he utilized this effectively but made it catchier by analyzing how operant conditioning will work for the workers in the vineyard the next day. His decision to do this is intelligent that makes his post a good read.

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