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Tempered radicals

The understanding of Meyerson’s ideas cannot be complete without understanding of who tempered radicals are and what are their roles in organizational activities. Tempered radicals are regular employees with inner views on dominant culture presented thru organizational settings but with strong desire to succeed in organizational activities thru bringing perfection in their jobs. They are the changes’ performers, who act softly; they influence the significant changes but in very moderate way.

Tempered radicals carry a special style of leadership – it is not obvious but it is powerful and substantial. Following this mode of organizational leadership experiences a high risk of getting out of control or going pretty much away from the initial organization’s development way. At the stage of change’s planning it is important to create a coalition with tempered radicals as with one of the most influential players, who will play on leaders’ side, helping to stand the resistance to change from employees’ side.

Every approach described by Dr. Meyerson has a chance to be implemented and to become successful with adding a portion of creativity and wit. Four approaches are presented in evolutionary way – from single individual experience to high public involvement, where disruptive self expression is highly authoritarian thus the most personal, verbal jujitsu and variable team opportunism are in the middle, status quo, and strategic alliance building is the most public envisaging working with others.

My preferring is located in the middle as strategic alliance building seems for me very close to revolution in organizational structure and there is a high risk of economy uncertainty, at the same time even the smallest forms of disruptive self expression are extremely powerful, so they need a greater portion of control and predicting effort from leader’s side. Verbal Jujutsu turning undesired changes into opportunities gives a chance to open new doors at every sense.

Creating the new opportunities from unexpected and undesired innovations, changes, perfectly corresponds to saying “to rock a boat without falling out of it”. As all the other approaches introduced by Dr. Meyerson challenges the organizational structure and behavior, Verbal Jujutsu will save the initial settings directing the executive power in necessary way. Variable -Term Opportunism unites and adds the creativity to the music of change, thus it works very well with Verbal Jujutsu guarantying the long term change, stressing on the benefits of proactive mode.

In the case of rocking boat, a leader, following Meyerson’s approaches will pick long discussing problem slowly, focusing attention on the side that could be done easy without lots of elaborations. Next step is attacking the problem with complete opponent involvement – prizing him /her for the best sides at the same time making particular suggestions. The benefits of change should be eliminated by initiating the action. Getting more people inspired and involved the change initiator will manage to implement the change pretty fast. References: Meyerson, D. , E. (2001). Tempered Radicals. McGraw Hill-Europe Publishing House.

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