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The animal kingdom

The finding of a pair or mate has never been an easy task especially for human beings. The animal kingdom, finding the right partner in order to procreate has been discovered by biologists to be an easy task especially because the only need for animals — of course considering a few exceptions who have developed higher thinking and emotional factors — is procreation. In human history, it has always been the convention of the difficulty of finding a partner.

In fact, this has been one of the most popular central themes in literature, theater, and other forms of entertainment. Today, with the availability of new technology, the basic concept and theme has not changed. However, such availability of modern technology by cellular phones, e-mail, and especially social networks and the Internet has changed the rules and the playing field significantly in order to factor in these new technologies. However, even in this new world of technology, there are still basic concepts and dating rituals which have their own rules.

For example, even in the modern age of feminist identity and the non-domestication of women, the social norms and conventions is still towards the courting ritual that has been traditionally associated with the trying to win over the woman’s love and affection. However, today, a recent modifications of this popular ritual is that women are now entering the playing field of courting as well. Especially in first world and Western societies which have been exposed to women in power, it is not anymore mutually exclusive for men to be the major players in the courting game.

In fact, as many psychologists and dating specialists have pointed out, although the forms have significantly changed, what has worked in the past it works in the present day. Recent technology has also allowed for new methods to show this section. For example, it is a prerequisite and norm for individuals in the dating scene to constantly communicate with their dating partners through instant messaging and cellular calls. And because of the extremely easy way to facilitate this method of communication, it is not anymore considered as a scarce resource and therefore less value is this the data to it.

In the past, not letters were given high regard and high-value — and one evidence of this is individuals keeping those love letters for themselves even across time. Text messages and e-mails today, however, are immediately deleted in order to conserve inbox space because of the easy way to communicate with dating mates and partners. However, the fact that messages differ from one another because of sweetness and other variables still contribute greatly to the value that these messages are given.

Social networks such as Facebook and MySpace also conjugated greatly to the dating scene by not only be a location for individuals to exchange messages but in fact be a place for that in the 1st Pl. Such methods of communication allow for informality and personal communication is given high regard as compared to a professional format which is again associated with traditional methods of message delivery especially in the courting and relationship ritual.

Even though personal communication has taken foothold in popularity because of the availability of communicating technology, public professional communication — although it has morphed and changed in its various linguistic forms — still remains in culture and society today. For example, vulgar words have proliferated greatly as an effective form of personal communication society, but such vulgar language is still censored greatly especially in mass media and public communications. World of the Internet, however, this concept varies greatly.

Because of the difficulty of censorship in the Internet — although considered by many to be an extremely positive quality of the technology — public communication is merging with personal communication both from the point of view of morphology and syntax of the language because of its regular use either from the Boulder perspective toward me from the conventional sense in fact, this trend in the Internet of not being able to implement a censorship mechanism is one of the main difficulties and arguments of government today — and more so of groups and coalitions focusing on censorship and the values of society that is being attacked by the Internet. Traditionally, these groups have been great lobbyists and affected greatly government intervention impact.

However, again, the lack of censorship methods in the Internet has made these groups, with over control of public communication now entering the professional sphere online. The end, and this new domain of communication, what is essential is the personal respect and courtesy that users of the Internet us reflect in order to maintain popular conventions of language and communication in this new domain of transaction.

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