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The Best Friendships

Most people say that friendship is the most common relationship that each of us has. Each relationship that we hold in our lives has a common ground of friendship. However, the levels might differ in terms of our interaction, relationship, and personal communication with them. In every relationship that we have, a part of us is also revealed as we try to perform the responsibilities in line with the friendships that we have with various people. Sometimes, a particular part of us might be revealed to some people while to others they are not.

However, same group of people holds an equal share in our hearts. This is why there are many friendships present in a particular life and each friendship is what determines our relationship with them. As of today, I can identify five examples of friendships which are currently active in keeping my life as meaningful as possible. Best Friendships Similar with the rest of the world, one of the friendships that I treasure is the one I have built with strangers I have met along my journey in life.

These set of people consists of my childhood friends, classmates from previous schools, colleagues from different organizations, co-workers, and other people whom I have shared myself with as a friend. They are the people whom I have laughed with in times of fun and cried with in times of woe. However, it is quite reasonable to say that the type of friendship I have with them is only only on the surface of the hierarchy. The reason for it is because there still exists a distance that has not yet reached a particular closeness.

Many people have this kind friendship and its also sad that some people only have this type of friendship. I am not saying that this type is the least important. Quite the contrary, it is the stepping of a potential depth that is about to manifest between two friends. The second type of friendship that I have is the one that I secure with the person I intend to spend the rest of my life with. I consider this a special type, for I know that amidst the romance, intimacy, and further stages in a couple’s relationship, it is friendship that will most probably be left after a long time of companionship.

That is why I do not treat my partner entirely as a lover but at the same time as a best friend whom I can always rely on even without the affectionate words or romantic stuff. In addition, this friendship is deeply associated with marriage which for some reason is the foundation of a good and well-built life together. The third type of friendship in my life is the one that I have with my family. I am one of those few blessed people who have close-knit relatives and family. The friendship I have with them may not be similar with the first two friendships I have discussed.

Ours is much understood and profound. They are the ones whom I know will stay with me despite my weaknesses and faults because I was born related to them. It is sort of permanent in nature that once damaged, the scars would always be traceable and present. Yet, this type of friendship has shown many people how it can save a depressed and tough life. Being friends with your parents, siblings and relatives can lessen the burdens of one’s life as there are many people whom one can rely on without having to prove yourself everytime.

Other people can judge you as much as they like. These people can judge you as well but they can never erase the fact that you are blood related. The fourth type of friendship that I believe to be as important as the previous ones I have mentioned would be the friendship that I have with myself. It is equally important with the external friendships that I have because it is responsible for a person’s well-being and personal development.

The ability to treat oneself as a friend produces a much better relationship and friendship with other people. It amounts to the idea that one must first love oneself before he or she can love others. The fifth and last but definitely not the least is my friendship with God. Without this type of friendship, how could one see the beauty of life and befriend it? One may probe how can I claim such if the existence of this “Friend” is even physically questionable. The strength of my faith is the sole proof of friendship that I have with Him.

This may be quite hard to characterize, for only people with the same kind of friendship can comprehend what I am trying to explain. Conclusion Presenting all these types of friendships also reveals the different characters that mold my personality. Each relationship illustrates a different definition and function that I must deliver. I am a friend, a lover, a sister/brother, and a daughter/son with responsibilities to fulfill in my attempt to develop myself as well as these friendships.

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