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The Fast Web: Then And Now

Imagine having your parents be techonologically knowledgeable about things the way we are nowadays. It can be really surprising to see them in that advanced stage don’t you think? The world we live in is revolving around this fast-paced environment, where everything and anything can be acquired through almost everywhere. Comparing the educational system then and now, I could definitely say that the education now is far more better than that during the time of our parents.

This is primarily due to the fact that there is a sweeping number of sources availabe to everyone nowadays – the internet, the television, the radio, print, and other media sources. Anyone and everyone can just access whatever it is that they need anywhere and anytime they want. Another reason is the fact the nowadays, people are more aware of the growing techonology and its easy access.

Before, there was a barrier in education because of the fact that only the rich and famous were priviledged to go to school. Nowadays, more and more people are encouraged to go to school; being given all the possible ways to finish school and be successful in life. The theories that were made before about certain ideas are now taken into effect and have been proven either correct or not.

This also paved way to have more people discover new and exciting things as time passes by. With this, the country, and the whole world for that matter, have been up to date in terms of the educational status of the people, and are in this continiuos state of learning and crafting ideas helpful to the upheaval of the society.

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