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The Final Solution

One of the main policies drafted during the height of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime included expulsion of the Jewish population from the Eastern European Map. However, upon the plan’s execution, the method of expulsion was revealed to be systematic genocide and total extermination of all Jews within the Nazi area of responsibility; these systematic mass murders came to be understood as the Final Solution to the alleged Jewish problem. Prior to the actual executions of European Jews, the original plan was to transport Jews to the remote island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

It was not until 1941 when the Nazi officials came in an agreement to get rid of the Jews in a more economic way, genocide. Historians and scholars, conversely, argue that the original emigration plan was a mere cover-up of Hitler’s ultimate plan to rid Eastern Europe, and possibly, the whole world of Jews (Grobman). A speech by Hitler 2 years prior to the execution of the Final Solution also implies Hitler’s utter resentment for Jewish existence in Eastern Europe.

Similarly, Hitler already expressed hatred of Jews and has been vocal of his desire to push the Jews to the brink of extinction even before his rise to power took place. The legislation of the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 also formalized the casual measures against Jews (Dawidowicz 37). Hitler emphasized on the deprivation of civil rights of the Jews just to show the consistency in Nazi platform. In any event, the first death camps were established in 1941 as fulfilment of the new resettlement program. The first executions of European Jews occurred in the 8th of December, 1941 (Grobman).

Christopher R. Browning and Jurgen Matthaus (12) write that the 1939 acquisition of the Polish territory laid the foundations for the development of the Nazis’ Final Solution. Browning and Matthaus (12) add approximately one million Jews were apprehended by Nazi cohorts and that until the closure of the German and Russian borders, the Nazis were convinced of the feasibility of forced emigration. The hierarchy of officials from Hitler’s government was involved in the accomplishment of the Final Solution together with the local populace, police, army and national railways.

These constituents have a broader view and knowledge of the totality of what was really happening across the nation since the millions of lives processed by Nazis required manpower since the accomplishment of Hitler’s advocacy included operations from several nearby regions and huge numbers of paperwork (Goldhagen 40). Throughout centuries various movements have been made towards the oppression of the Jews, however, in the case of the Holocaust, the brutality was brought about by several factors which include social and cultural injection of hatred towards a particular race (Goldhagen 53).

The methods used were different in the sense that the government amplified an emotion that was already present in the first place; years of implanting emotion was the recipe of total annihilation of the Jews. The establishment of the camps was primarily organized to make the extermination campaign easier for the Nazis. Primarily, Nazi officials fronted the resettlements with employment and Jews were even advised to pack clothing, and other needs such as cash, blankets and dining utensils (Grobman).

Jews were transported by truck or forced to walk to rail stations where they will be conveyed to certain doom. In addition to the uncomforting features of the rail transports, the transport cars were distant from passenger terminals in order to avoid any suspicion from non-Jewish people (Grobman). As previously mentioned, death camps were the established structures where all of Hitler’s dreams come true. This is in large part brought about by German skill when it comes to adapting the principles of Mass production (Grobman).

In contrast to the concentration camps, the established death camps exclusively for the Final Solution did not contain barracks to house the Jews to be executed. The Nazi executioners even dec The Final Solution was one of the bloodiest racial discriminations ever experienced in history; however, lives were still taken with no one stopping the National Socialist German authorities. In any case, the real important matter is that no one has the right to willingly claim the life of a person and/or race grounding from personal or innate rationality.

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