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The Hard Times Of Orange County Residents

Santa Ana- Steven Gerard used to work in a government office before he started operating his own restaurant in the United States. He is one of the person who has been hit hard by the economy. First he lost his job in one of the government institution because the company became bankrupt and was not in a position to sustain more employees in the company. Steven due to this situation Steven was sacked. Luckily him being one of the Orange country residents he was able to get some capital and he started a restaurant.

He says that the economy is at a worse condition and that the residents of the Orange County are feeling it because most of them are unemployed they earn less than 2 dollars a day and that the prices of goods are up and everything has become so expensive. White collars jobs have become so scarce and this has led to many people turning to blue collar Jobs. The unemployment figure is growing at a high rate according to Steven an orange County resident who says that if it continues like this the rate of crime will increase in a bigger margin.

If the government will not address the issue of unemployment there will be a big problem. Steven says that the public is losing confidence in the government’s ability to improve the economy. Sometimes I myself as a business man and I own this restaurant am forced to reduce the prices of the goods depending on the economic situation the way it is in the country. If the economy is high, it’s a good sell for us but if it’s low it’s a big blow to us. So that consumer confidence should be there and the government should try and focus on how to streamline and create jobs in the country.

We want a working nation not a nation that fails to deliver its services. The current economy and unemployment has forced me as a businessman to sometimes to employ a small percentage of workers in the restaurant because of the declining sales. An economic expert said that the people of Orange County have no jobs and that the government should focus on how to allocate them more funds in this area so that people could be in a position to invest. The government is taxing them highly and not providing them with services.

The students themselves say that, public schools are getting worse compared to private school and this is really affecting them in their education is school. Public schools need more money because the population is growing day by day. Steven says that the budget today does not give us an impact today because the prices of most commodities are up, but there is no salary increment. Mr. Green one of the professionals said that the stock market is at a very low trading due to the local people lack of money and they see it hard for them in investing in the stock market.

The rates are very low due to the state of the economy only the rich are feeling good but the poor are suffering in silence and they have to dig deeper into there pockets because of the high prices of the goods. INTERVIEW PROMPT So I interviewed a number of people students, old people, and professors. 1. What do you think caused the economic crisis? Orange residents said that they have been used to have a strong economy for a long time and most of them say that they are shocked with the way the situation is. The economy is at a very bad state.

The orange residents think that there is a better way of solving the issue rather than the government ignoring them and the top people or people who hold top office in government should use proper mechanisms to solve this issue. The only way in which the government can fight poverty is allocating more funds in the area. 2. How would you describe your feelings about the economic mess? The economic mess is something that needs to be handled with great care, because this is something that it is very important and most of them depend on it.

This is something that needs to be addressed when the cabinet or congress meets they need to sit down and talk on how to improve the economy. Poverty, unemployment, Immigration are some of the things that should be addressed. I believe that if the government sorts all this issues then the economy will grow in a short-period of time and that people will have to spend Less. Many have been hit hard and every dollar they make they spend it wisely they cannot buy luxury goods they consider only the basic commodities first that is food,

shelter and clothing that is the first priority that is the in the budget. Orange country residents are low income earners and they think that the government is too reluctant in handling this issue. 3. Have you been affected by the crisis? Yes I have in a very big way 4. If so how? I used to work in a big government office which I was earning a very good income compared to what am earning today I was sacked because of the financial problems of the institution and it affected me badly. Day by day I have to apply for a job but everywhere I go I being told there are not taking people.

So my financial budget went higher as soon as I lost the Job. The economy today is at a rate where you cannot spend or use your money to start your own business so the government should consider on how to give loans to more people so that they can have capital to start their own business. 5. Do you know of others who have been negatively affected? Nearly all people in the orange county feel that they have been affected. This is a county where it holds quite a big and large population: students, old people, those working in big industries and the disable.

Everybody here is complaining and that they are saying president Obama is doing nothing; he should have looked at this this issue of the economy is a crisis in the whole country. 6. Do you know others affected? Explain these The money on which we used spend in 1999 and if you compare with it now is that we can buy less things because of the high increase of commodities. Someone who owns a restaurant thinks that there is no that consumer confidence. He’s business is very low because most of the people do not have jobs and are low-income earners but spend more on buying of food.

So everybody is affected and that’s why everybody is looking for a job. 7. What’s your opinion of the measures president Obama and congress have taken to address the economic situation? The president should have first tackled with first Unemployment think about how people are going to get jobs, because when people have jobs then he would have solved nearly all things in the orange county. Allocating more funds in this area is an issue that the president should be focusing on. We pay taxes and we are highly taxed by the government but services which they are offering are very poor.

We want to see a government which considers his people and works for the people because we voted for it. The president should consider a person who works in an industry and the person who works in a office who does the hardest work and what about the payments are they at per or same level. The economy now it is a very bad state because of negligence and lack of having a vision, poor planning and overspending on some of the unwanted things in president Obama Administration. 8. Is there something more you would like to see done?

The government should focus on bringing more resources to the normal person other than thinking only about the big man. The government should retrench the people who are fifty five years and above and employ the youth because they are the majority and most of them are qualified and have degrees but they have not been employed . They should employ more people and give them better payments. The government should reduce the salaries of the top officials and budget the money to every county so that each county should have more money to give on the residents.

The government should think about the common man who is taking his or her child to a public school. What are they doing with the public schools to increase the services on them so that they can perform well. Think on how to allocate them more funding so that everybody could have some knowledge. The government should thing about cutting the cost of buying cars like the one the president is driving and allocate the money to different counties that is having a proper way of spending the money wisely. 9. Are you optimists about the country’s economic future?

How about your own? I have some hope that with proper policy and our leaders being stop selfish then the economy will grow. And we will have managed to win the war of unemployment, poverty, immigration and many more. When we talking about the future we are looking at the young kids who are in school the future leaders of this nation. The government should not ignore some issues. Reference 1. Nation Daily Newspaper Http: www. Nation. co. ke 2. Standard Nation Newspaper Http: www. Nation. co. ke

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