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The Last Blow

William: (To Sophia) Yes? (Sophia, pretending not to have heard him, ignores him and keeps on staring to the empty space. ) I am talking to you! Sophia: About what? Kyle: (To no one in particular. ) Do you guys realize that this thing is addictive? (He goes back to scrolling. ) Sophia: I am still waiting for you to tell me what you talked to me about? (William pays no attention. ) Yes? William: (trying to avoid Sophia. ) Kyle, what is addictive? (Kyle looks up at William and concentrates back to his cell phone. ) Okay, (To Sophia. ) That’s what I meant. Attention.

Sophia: (Changes her sitting position and looks at William. ) So now are you ready to tell me what you had said? William: Is it true, what I hear? Sophia: What? William: (standing up) about you and- Sophia: (Interrupting) Listen mister, I did not come here to listen to your nonsense. You hear me? William: (With a serious face. ) Will you allow me finish? Sophia: No! If you don’t mind, the atmosphere here is favorable for some other topics. (William sits back) Thank you. Kyle: (Shouts out. ) This is crazy! William and Sophia: What? (Kyle is too busy to look at them. )

William: What is the matter with you dude? Kyle: (Standing up. ) What is the matter with you man? Give me some peace for now. William: Are we together or not? Kyle: Together on what? I am a busy man. William: Yeah right, busy man! How about you change your venue for your business? We are talking here not scrolling. Kyle: I am chatting with my girl friend and if you are ruining my chances with her. (McKenzie and Olivia walk towards the three just when Kyle is shouting orders to William. ) McKenzie and Olivia: Hi there. (They say this as they shake hands and hug Sophia and William. Kyle does not move.

) McKenzie: What is with you and face book brother? I bet that is where you get your meals from. Kyle: Leave me alone men. I don’t want anything to do with you. (Kyle casts a stern look at Olivia who is also holding her cell phone in her hands. She looks back at Kyle. ) Olivia: What? McKenzie: (To Olivia. ) Sweet pie, how about we include William and Sophia to our prom plans? (Notices Kyle looking at him furiously) And Kyle? (Kyle clears his throat. ) William: Prom? Where? Sophia: (With excitement. ) I would love to. Kyle: (To Olivia. ) Is that true? Olivia: Yes it is. We’re going to prom.

I’ve already talked to my mother and she has granted – Kyle: (Interrupting. ) He called you sweet pie? Olivia: He calls me by that name. Kyle: So, what is this all about? Olivia: What about? Prom or sweet pie? Kyle: (Withdrawn) Yes. Sophie: (Drawing attention to Kyle and Olivia’s conversation. ) What are you guys talking about? William: (Shouting) Hey! Hey! Hey! Let’s talk about what is important here. It’s either we’re going for prom or not. (The rest except Kyle agree. ) In that case, we can start the preparations. Kyle: I can’t believe this. McKenzie: Hey dude, what’re you saying? (Kyle does not respond.

) I’m talking to you Kyle: I’m not talking to you. McKenzie: (To William. ) Dude, why do you hang around, Mr. Attitude? This could be contagious you know. William: Let him be. (Jokingly. ) It is less hard work than avoiding him. What about it with the prom? Who else is coming? McKenzie: Chicks man. Chicks. I still don’t to go with Olivia, she I’ll restrict me. (Kyle looks at McKenzie. ) I want life, man. Kyle: (To Olivia. ) Hey, Olivia. Olivia: Yes, me. Kyle: Why are you doing this to me? Olivia: (In shock. ) Doing what? Kyle: What’s up with you and McKenzie? Olivia: He’s my boyfriend.

Kyle: So, what have you been telling me? Olivia: Telling you? When? Kyle: On twitter. Give me your twitter address. Olivia: I have not account with twitter. Kyle: Oh my God! Olivia: What? (William and McKenzie are drawn to the conversation. ) McKenzie: What’s up dude? Kyle: I’m still not talking to you. William: (To Sophia. ) What did he say is the matter? Olivia: He talked about me and a twitter account. I don’t understand. McKenzie: Oh my God! Olivia: What’s the matter with you guys? McKenzie: You said twitter? Kyle: Yeah man. McKenzie: You’re Kyle Watson? Kyle: Yes I am. McKenzie: Oh my God!

Olivia: (Getting hysterical. ) Will someone please explain to me what’s going on? McKenzie: (To Olivia. ) Honey, I use your name for my twitter account. Olivia: So! William: (Giggles. ) That explains it all. Olivia: (Shouts. ) What! McKenzie: Yes, and Kyle here has me for his twitter girlfriend. Sophia: (Fakes a cough. ) Are you guys really straight? Kyle: (Between sobs. ) I can’t believe I have been flirting with you all the time in the name of Olivia. (He stands up clenching his fists. ) I will kill you! (The others try to separate the fighting two raining blows on one another as the curtain comes down)

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