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The nature of social policy and the welfare state in Canada

Social matters are far much of great important for healthy living of human beings. The definitions of social policy and the welfare according to this article are paramount for better exposition of its nature in United States. According to many definitions which are submitted from the sociological and social studies, social policy is a term that refers to those steps set, and the intervening to transform, maintain and create a living environment which is better for the human care and living.

This is matched with things and actions which target at mitigating the human welfare; hence, it concentrate its efforts based on provision of basic services such as housing, education, health services and even security. The warfare state gets its activity involvement in the provision of such services to the society. The governing bodies and other organizations such as healthcare as well as individuals need to join hands in fulfilling the provisions of these essentials services. But the fulfillment depends on the empowerment of individuals to have sources of incomes.

Though in some cases the people have sources of income, there are capitalist and other exploiters who harvest from the weak and poor men. By so doing, the income of poor and weak men in which their hope is entirely embedded to benefit is diverted to the second and third parties, who suckle their blood without full compensations. Therefore, this call intervention for the control of minimum wages and salaries to save them from financially instability, hence, this prevents the over-exploitations of the poor men and women in the nation.

Unemployment and employment with exploitation environment in terms of remuneration cut down in not the only challenge the society encounters. There are other major issues which wear down persons in the society which include economic insecurity resulting from conditions of sickness, aging as well as other social services. This makes warfare state more important in the society which is termed to be interactive in nature. It implies that the social policy and the warfare state of a nation are aimed at developing the individuals and the society in dimensions of economic, social and health.

This poses a challenge to the developers in various sectors of state, implying that for any meaningful results and smooth running towards achieving the social requirements and warfare of the society, a coupling connection among the sectors is of fundamental factor. Mankind is a social creature whose life can be made complex and sophisticated by the manner of his interaction with the environment. The presentation and the interaction of persons have always been influenced by several factors. The kind of social live that people lead is affected and transformed by factors which are related to political and economic issues.

This being an integral matter which influence and supplement the social factors of the life man, the smooth interactivity behavior among people has been distressed causing no more harmonized state or nation. The provision of services and basic necessities in most countries has become hard task. The realities are in most states are hidden and the failures are highly lured to the past leaderships and management of resources, the fight to provide better services and other basic requirements has been a milestone in many nations such as United States.

United States being a developed country that claims its own reputation of wealthy states, its people’s living style has been no better than living as paupers under standardized conditions. Generally, the growth of individuals and the community is depended on the capability to access the basic services. This has not been the case in most states, and thus the developments have been a plateau state. This has led to formation of various groups such as advocacy, aids groups and other organization which target at handling key areas directly or indirectly.

According to many writings, there is much confidence from lobby groups, human right and other organization that the society in which we make part, many people are struggling for the surviving of their life. Suffering from just one basic need is a great relief in their live; otherwise most people in the community are acquainted with life that lacks several life necessities. But this kind of daily lives are not the way of live they wished to live. How then people suffer while they are in their own home country becomes a mystery to them. They thus raised their eyes to different institutions.

The struggle to solve the social and warfare issues has thus been a fight that is conducted between the individual, the society and the institution of the ruling bodies. The impact of poor social policy Highly formulated and structured social policies and warfare state in a nation is paramount to society as whole and to the individuals. The lack of outstanding policies that protects the people from suffering of basic requirements is major drawback to the nation. Undoubtedly, the Canadian state serves as best example where for several decades down the calendar, social policies and warfare were of less concern.

Living in Canadian state in the past last century is depicted to have been shocking and humiliating in nature. People who lived in this state rarely felt the pride to be associated with their own country. The way of living was a huge burden over their necks that living for tomorrow was no more in their minds. As depicted from the Eighner situations, living in the Canada was not only humiliating to the people but it was also full of sufferings. The low level of social policy and warfare of this society led to what can be referred to as immense desperation of the people in many ways.

Unemployment The searched for jobs by the young youths is part that life can cause a lot of motivation as well as desperation in their lives. The problem of unemployment for youths and young men and women had been a prominent matter in Canada. The problem of unemployment is not devouring the Canadians alone but this is can also be seen a global crisis. The educational institutions and the technical colleges are releasing scores of qualified incumbents to occupy various positions in glamorous organizations of their choices.

However, the enthusiasm and high spirited graduates as they come out from the learning institutions and go to outside world for jobs is diminished every day by the information aired from the many broadcasting stations, such as radio stations and televisions channels. Day after another, newspapers are scribbled with writing many organizations closing down their doors, which implies that with such a trends, the number of the unemployed persons in the Canadian state is increasingly becoming more with integration of both young and old men and women.

The increasing and expanding numbers of the unemployed from institutions and retrenchments through fair and unfair means is making the job markets to surge down and perhaps, the low concern over this issues lead to the bursting of it if no alterations and control measures are taken in Canada. The government of Canada with its stake holders has lost the sight of present and future community. The prosperity of individuals and the growth of society rarely depend on just a few prospering persons. The full triumph of a growing community and society has directly mutual growth of all those involved in the society.

The foundation of prosperity and society growth lays it foundation on work. Through work and work related activities are key factors to individuals and society in the social life. The importance of work in the lives of Canadians is immeasurable as it is to any other society. The work context has been of importance as it opens links of interactivity of the people in society at work. When individuals are in the unemployment state, their lives are limited to the wider social live and the social warfare. Through the experiences of the Eighner in the Canadian context, the unemployment status had great impacts to her social warfare.

The loss of job and/ lack of employment opportunities in Canada had detrimental impacts to the employees and to the society as whole. The retrenchment of Eighner from her previous job that lead to her unemployment status caused serious problems to her general social life. The Canadian dwellers and resident have for several decades or centuries under gone through serious problem of job insecurity. Despite the high level of employment insecurity within its boundaries, the poor dwellers had to endure the unwelcoming workplace conditions of tyranny and slavery.

Although the country has well qualified workers in the work specialty, the working class men and women have for a long time languished in agony for poor wages and salaries. There is a larger proportion of the workers population whose living standards are more or less similar to those of the unemployed. The poverty level of the Canadians in the past century has not been far much different from most situations being experienced in the developing and under developed state in other parts of the world. The residents had to tolerate with the peanuts earnings in which earning of less than a dollar for the poor would be a great chance.

The extreme poverty level of the poor men always shed tears inside his blossom leaving them to survive below the poverty line. The problem of social amenities would no matter going to be abolished in Canada. The job markets and the employment bureaus would daily continue to experience un-numbered proportions of the unemployed persons. This level would rise day by day due to arrogant employees in those organizations taken of their advantages to impose unethical practices in their management and supervision.

The Canadian industrial managements are highly blamed by some of those retrenched and unemployed individuals for there unfair treatments that saw them step out of the companies’ yard. While the first job seekers are highly optimistic on securing their positions in such firms, others like Eighner were just contemplating over the previous happening when they were ushered out from those firms due to the differing conflicts of opinions and work conditions. The unemployment level of the Canadian population being rated at a percentage as high as five to six percent, they never worried over the living of this population.

The sovereign rulers in the state do not have consideration to pathetic living of the unemployed as long as they are assured of their living in bungalows and other lavish kind of life. They get alarmed over the high unemployed of its person due to the unhealthy economy which they contribute through low taxation process on their various products. Instead of ensuring the society lived and enjoyed of there contributions in the countries developed, the poor dwellers found their yokes of 1970s and 1980s being made heavier due to inflation rise.

The virtues of generosity and sheer benevolence from those in throne was almost drying up by reducing their expenditures through the social amenities for the prosperity of state economy The big issues with the government of Canada at the era of Eighner due to unemployment was how much it can achieve in alleviating poverty among its people. However, fears and worries apprehended them and decision making were slowly implemented for the betterment of the living of poorly paid and unemployed. This cautious projects designing were perceived and anticipated to bring a transition in the tradition and cultures of the people in the social part.

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