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The Real Essence of Happiness

Being aware of the need to better myself in order to attain my life’s dreams despite of my young years, I decided to leave my home land to search for an ideal academic institution that can truly hone my skills in preparation for the challenges ahead. Finally, in the summer of 2008, this became a reality when I was allowed to join my older sister here in America, and had enrolled myself in a community college in Seattle to major in business.

Indeed, despite of my struggles in assimilating with a new culture, I knew that I have made the right decision; a step closer towards the vision that I have had since my childhood years. Based on this reality alone, I am not only aware that I have become a better person by seeking for better academic trainings, but in the process have also expanded my views on the real circumstances surrounding the things that I still lack in hoping to achieve my dream of success.

I have never believed that destiny holds all the answers to all of our yearnings. My experiences in life has taught me that she waits for no one, and does not spare anybody who is found lacking of the necessary resolve to claim what he thinks as his. Even in my high school years in my home land, Indonesia, I have exhibited the appropriate determination to attain the goals that I have set for myself, as can be evidenced not only in my success in my academics, but also in football, of which I was the team captain and the MVP, and in marathon.

If there is a single lesson that life has benefited me in knowing, from my experiences in Indonesia to my nearly two years’ stay here in the United States, it is the wisdom that I have to actively pursue, single-mindedly, the things that will cause positive changes in my life, whether its benefits are instantaneous or are to be harvested in the future. I have learned of this truth in my years at the community college, and is likewise the basis for my desire for a higher and more competitive form of academic training.

An Appeal My life’s aim is for me to ultimately offer professional assistance to my father’s business enterprise in Indonesia. While tradition-based business practices and methodologies have proven to be effective on a bare existence level, I am aware that there is still much room for improvement and advancement, especially in terms of a scientific/technical approach to inventory, target forecast, planning, and in making clear distinction between profit and capital expenditures.

Thus, from the aforementioned goal I intended on taking a business course in the community college that I am presently enrolled in. However, the time for me has come when I feel a deeper need to better my skills in my chosen field of expertise. Thus, recently, I made the step to enroll in University of Washington in hopes of finally having the opportunity to be under the tutelage of one of the premier academic institutions in America.

I am aware that the knowledge to be gained from the aforementioned academe will allow me to be at par with other top notch business people all over the globe, and finally be competent enough to be of utmost assistance not only to my father’s enterprise but also to the society that has cared for me in all my existence. Perhaps it was due to my lack of preparation that has made me apply without justly exhibiting my true skills and aptitude that had made my first attempt of being included among the successful applicants a failure.

Perhaps also, my inexperience in this matter overwhelmed my true potential, that I failed to show my inherent skill at expressing my emotions through letters. Thus, it is towards this aim that I now restate my desire for my application to be reconsidered, as my inclusion in the University of Washington’s student populace would greatly contribute to the person that I want to become in the near future. Needless to emphasize, your academic excellence, based on the distinct alumni that your university has been able to consistently produce, will allow me to reach the optimal level of competence in my chosen field of professional expertise.

Avenues towards my Dream The unfortunate reality that I belong to a family who are mostly lacking of any form of higher education dos not diminish my determination of being able to finish my college education, and to later dream of furthering my studies through Master’s Degree. Although I am certain on how to exactly achieve my dream of helping my father with his business and of one day making this into a global entity, I am still deciding on whether finance or Information System would be the best course of action to be taken.

Nonetheless, based on my inherent skills and interests, and my present disposition, my inclination is aimed towards a degree in finance, as this would undoubtedly provide added assurances that every financial aspect of my father’s business enterprise will be taken cared of professionally. Likewise, I highly anticipate how I can be of professional assistance to my home land, and to apply the knowledge what I have learned in the United States to the socio-cultural setting that is prevailing in Indonesia.

It is indeed noticeable that of all the gains that I was able to achieve during my short two years here in the United States, the most significant is my apparent comfort in adjusting to the new environment, especially in overcoming several expected struggles that are common for a new comer, such as learning to master the language, adjusting to the social norms of the culture, and other related factors related to cultural assimilation.

These are the very same reasons why I found it very difficult to display my true potential when I first arrived here in the United States. However, as I am a person who endlessly endeavors to further his skills, I soon regained my confidence. This can be evidenced by the several friends and acquaintances that I was able to gain, irrespective of their nationalities, where once my confidence only allowed me to mingle only with my fellow Indonesians.

In this respect, I have been continuously regaining my confidence while at the same time gaining new or fresher insights on life that seemed to result in a steady improvement on my personal capacity to learn. Thus, I can safely say that in the two years that I have been here in America, I am constantly improving, and I am self-assured that this will continue as long as there is knowledge to be learned. This virtue that innate in my character, I most certainly believe, will allow me to be successful in my academic endeavors at the University of Washington.

My desire to constantly learn and to better myself through endlessly finding opportunities for learning, in hopes that these will some day be beneficial in the pursuit of my goal will serve as the bases of my inspiration. My dream of some day, when I have already achieved my optimal level of competence, helping my father in his business enterprise into making it a successful global entity can only add to my desire of finishing my studies with the distinctions that I can achieve.

Lastly, my appeal for the university board to reassess and reconsider my application for admission into your esteemed academic institution is modestly based on my personal mission of making the most of the blessing that had been granted to me, by having the opportunity to be under the tutelage of America’s educational system. I have always been aware since my childhood years of two certainties in life: the reality that the best education can only be attained in the United States; and that my family, particularly my parents, has rested in me the responsibility of being their only hope for happiness.

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