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Us National Interests; Schools Of Thought

The researcher intends to conduct research on the question of strategic security initiatives in the post Cold War era with special emphasis on the relevance of nuclear deterrence as an effective policy for global peace. This research is related to the topic on nuclear weapons, covered by Roskin in chapter 14 of his book on international relations. The researcher is keen on investigating contemporary political systems in a bid to discover which model is most effective in preventing the outbreak of regional wars and conflicts.

US hegemony has been useful in limiting the escalation of conflicts in its spheres of influence. By putting diplomatic pressure on its allies, the US has contributed to the signing of peace agreements aimed at resolving long standing disputes. The peace agreement signed between North and South Sudan is a prime example. Israel and Palestine coexist largely due to US peace initiatives. Nuclear deterrence and the concept of mutually assured destruction (MAD) discouraged the cold war rivals of USSR and US from attacking each other.

The emergence of unstable states with nuclear capabilities appears to have changed the balance of power as nuclear proliferation has contributed to greater global instability. North Korea, Pakistan, India and Iran are viewed as nations that would use their weapons against perceived enemies with little provocation. Attempts by established nuclear states like the US to develop missile defense systems, appears to have fueled another round of nuclear stockpiling as weaker states strive to achieve military preponderance.

The research paper will investigate if mini nuclear powers are as eager to use their weapons as envisaged or whether they consider such weapons a strategic security defense tool. With the proliferation of nuclear weapons since the end of the cold war, the paper will also consider whether nuclear proliferation is a better method of achieving global peace since it promotes nuclear deterrence amongst feuding states.

Background information on the subject will be sourced from libraries, government archives, political journals and defense periodicals. Internet searches will use key words like, ‘deterrence’, ‘ nuclear weapons’, ‘international relations’ and ‘ nuclear proliferation’. The information collated will be analyzed so the researcher can come up with a general statement regarding the proliferation of nuclear weapons and their relevance in promoting global peace in the second millennium.

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