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Value Assumption versus Reality Assumption

Value Assumption often acknowledges the advantages and the disadvantages of one particular decision or action. It gives you options. Value Assumption takes place in our ability to make a better world for our selves. If inequality and if the social order is in question, conformity and adjustment within the members of the society becomes a choice. The judgment and choices of the human beings depends on their interpretation and perception of the given reality. Political movements, activisms and call for social change established by various groups or institutions are just some of the examples of value assumption application.

Example of Reality Assumption: One of the examples of reality assumption is conformity to the given society’s set of rules and standard for the purpose of survival. The society in order to survive, each member should contribute to the maintenance of the whole. The given social order, norms and culture should be agreed upon consensusly to maintain cohesiveness and solidarity among its members. Society ultimately is a reality wherein its existence is based on the shared ideas and meanings given by its members.

The reality assumption involves in people’s sense of reciprocity, conformity and unity for survival and endurance. Human beings as real and material beings and who are assumed to be rational and intuitive needs the sense of dependency or intrapersonal relationships. Another example is that if you were born to be poor or wealthy, you don’t have any choice but to be part of that reality but as your mind and individuality develops, you have your choice to make something different to give more meaning in your existence. Those choices is what we call Value Assumption.

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