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We will rock you – review

Ben Elton, an English comedian and author wrote the musical ‘we will rock you’, along with the Queen members, Roger Taylor and Brian May. This musical is called jukebox musical and was based on the songs of ‘Queen’ worked into a fantastic storyline that proved to be like a platform describing the enormity of rock and roll. The team wanted to do biography of Freddie Mercury in musical form but it did not work out and they made the story revolutionary, that of upheaval and revival of music. The story starts in a time that is 300 years from now and it is assumed that people at that time don’t know music

and they are taught how to speak, dress, and act and above all how to be entertained. The name of the planet where they live is Planet Mall, which is a new name given to planet earth. There is a rebel, Galileo who hears music in his dreams and since he refuses to act like his classmates he is taken prisoner by Globalsoft’s police. He meets a female rebel in his prison and they both fall in love. Killer Queen is the leader of Globalsoft and when she comes to know that instruments are hidden in the “place of the living rock”, she blows

them off in order to demolish the instruments. Galileo and his friend along with some more rebellions meet to make plan how to bring back music to life. They finally succeed and the closing part of the music is ‘we will rock you’ after which the whole musical is named. The musicianship of the show is extremely great and admirable and audience just loves it. ‘We will rock you’ has won many awards especially Theatergoer’s Choice Awards and it had opened on May14, 2002 in the West End at Dominion Theatre. It became an We will rock you- review 4

audience favorite very soon and is the longest running musical till date on this place. ‘We will rock you’ began to be considered as for anyone who wants to relive the spirit of rock music and was well intended it to be more than just a musical. It is rock music with epic extent, natural and uncontrollable. It is a rock delight of three hour that pays homage partly to the queen and partly to the firm spirit of rock and roll with a mixture of satire of pop culture too. The storyline is extremely appreciable as also the designs of the set done

by Mark Fisher and the songs are executed with “the highest high and the lowest low” every night. The spectacular lighting, the shocking and exaggerated costumes and the crazy antics decorated on the stage, all make it a unique and great show. The musical, ‘We will rock you’ gained one of the most desired musical among the audience and an article said that sometimes the audience were so enthusiastic and loud that the music monitor also was not heard. Every part of the show made the audience crazy and the band along with the sound was just brilliant. It seems everything is well

calculated and carefully worked up and produced. The story of the musical shows a time where everything and everyone works stereotyped and there is nothing original in anyone’s mind. Just as youth of any time would look for liberation and freedom, here also there are rebellions and they plan and create rebirth of rock music and that turned out to be a thrilling rock show not to be missed by anyone who loves music. We will rock you- review 5 References 1. Mak Lennat. April 03, 2008. We Will Rock You. Retrieved from http://www. mtvasia. com/Review/Event/E20080403001656. html

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