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Learning process

I. The surroundings have to play an immense role to play in facilitating our learning process. To enhance learning, instructional objectives were devised to be uncomplicated, assessable, realistic, pragmatic and time-bound. The media and technology, to smooth the advancement of learning have developed a great deal. Learning can take place within and outside the classroom and prolong right through one’s life.

It is vital for educators and learning institutions to hit upon how one expands his awareness and resolve what aspects influence his or her learning for them to be able to make curriculum, strategy, and conveniences desirable for the best surroundings.

INTRODUCTION II aspects that must be well thought-out are the size, shape and scale of the room. III. The learning setting should have minimal noise. IV Lighting is also an chief factor that affects learning. Lighting differences have dissimilar effects on the learners’ output.

Colors facilitate in creating learning environments striking to the eye. They can encourage optimistic view and accurate environment. VI. Learning is amplified when temperature, relative humidity, air movement, and odor fall within the acceptable range of the apprentice. When learners sense discomfort with the setting, their observation and understanding are in a weak position. VII. A predisposed analysis: The environmental factors mentioned are interrelated and interdependent. Studies have been made to attest the said effects of each to both the learners and the teachers.

BODY VI. Conclusion Hence, it is of immense significance that the suitable handling to each issue that can sway learning and teaching should be premeditated cautiously and dispassionately to collect precise information as to what should be set up in a learning setting. References: Baker, D. E. (1993). Noise: The Invisible Hazard [Electronic Version], from http://www. cdc. gov/nasd/docs/d000801-d000900/d000882/d000882. html Francis, K. (2007). The Color of Learning [Electronic Version].

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