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Marriage represents

A family as an organization can be defined in a two dimensional way, first by defining what is a family? And second by defining what an organization is? Then relating the two or amalgamating them. A family stays in a home. The role played by members of the family broadens it to be an organization and not like the organization. The piece of this writing will feature four important aspects and they are; the family, the organization, a home and the role of members for the family to be called an organization. Family as an Organization.

The simplest definition of a family is that it is a unit comprising of a mother, a father and a child or children. By this definition some people critically ask, what if there is no mother or father in the family. The logic is, if there is no father or mother then the family is broken. It is not a must for a family to have children to be called a family but the family will be satisfactorily complete when it comprises of children. But a broader definition of a family is that, it is people who are united by the virtue of love and care by mutually sharing and supporting each other.

Groves & Ogburn (1976) says that, “Marriage represents the simplest form of family” The support can be materially, socially and spiritually. A strong family bases her foundation on the role played by each member of the family be the father, the mother or the children. In many families, a father is the head of the family assisted by the mother. An organization is a group of people with defined or specific responsibilities and or roles to play as a team to achieve set objectives by working together.

Each member in an organization has a definite set goal but together they have a common end point on what to achieve. In an organization as people work together they adopt a social working system. In an organization there is a manager, a supervisor and the junior staff members. Without the junior staff members the organization can not run and there will be no existent of a manager. Groves & Ogburn (1976) observes that, “Communities have successfully divided labor on the basis of sex without organizing the individual family”

A manager in an organization is replica of a father in the family, the mother in the family represents a supervisor in an organization, and the children are like the junior staff in an organization. This is why a family is a resemblance of an organization. The father is the head in the family as the manager is the head of an organization while the mother assists the father in administration in the family as the supervisor takes over when the manager is away.

The success of an organization depends on teamwork and the style of leadership exhibited by the manager and the same way the father in family does his duties that determine the success of failure of a family. While the father is fencing, the mother may be cooking as children do the washing or the cleaning and through these task assignments, the organizational arrangement is displayed which clearly demonstrates how and why a family is an organization.

Broken families through divorce and separation are so devastating to both children and the parents and even to the extent of the extended family plus the neighbors. Every family stays in a home. A home comprises of not only shelter but the extended family and the neighbors. Organizations depend on suppliers and other organization so that they can work successfully. The extended family spice up a home and that is why a family is likened to a foundation of a society. In this context, the extended family plays many social roles toward a family.

The neighbors provide a sense of security through the oneness that is felt across the family borders. Conclusion. A strong united nation is a just a reflection of a united family. If one wants to destroy a nation start with the family. West East South and North, home is best. Without a home the family disintegrates that is why many refugee families are not stable or organized.

References Groves, R. E. & Ogburn, F. W. (1976). American Marriage and Family Relationships. New York: Aye Publishing.

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