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Of Prayers and Marriage

The issue of prayers in the public schools and of right age to marry has long been debated all around the world, especially on the United States of America (Patrick, J. J. , & Long, G. P. , 1999). Many are against bringing the prayers to public school because of some fears and differences. On the other hand, others believe those children below 18 are still inadequate to fulfill the roles of becoming parents. The refusal of bringing prayers can be grounded on fears. They fear that their style and outlook in life may change and that would impact their lives in ways that they are not certain they could deal with.

Also, in a public school, people from all walks of life are present—different kids with different religions. Imagine this, if the children are listening to prayer in school every day, to that someone referred to as God (whom they do not know), this scenario may prompts the little minds of these children as they may begin to question and to seek answers. Clearly, this kind of thing would cause conflicts since the children may find answers in which parents do not agree or cannot fully explain.

Moreover, today there are children from many different religions, cults, and sects who attend public schools (McWhirter, 1994). It appears impossible to have a prayer which would be acceptable and suitable to everyone, as there are differences in beliefs. Moving on to why children below 18 years old are not allowed to get married, there are so many reasons for that. Firstly, children below 18 lack the maturity and life experiences to help them deal with family life and responsibilities.

Family life is not a bed of roses; it is a continued struggle of loving and surviving in order to keep the family intact. Lastly, the research on marriage shows that 70% of those who get married under the age of 25 end up in court for divorce. The study concluded that the main reason of the split up is they were not able to fulfill their dreams and career goal because they feel that early family life hindered them from achieving these things. Also, there is a significant finding that the wives complain about time (Pike, E. R. 2006).

These wives feel that their husbands spend too much time at work and not with them anymore. With all the abovementioned reasons, one can clearly see that differences do exist and one must not keep a close mind on issues like these. Everyone wants to live a peaceful and hassle free life, it is therefore one’s responsibility to take care of oneself by making sound judgments that may deal with future. One can co-exist if he or she knows how to respect others belief. If one cannot pray in school, there are many places aside from the church where one can express his or her faith.

And also, nobody said that prayers can only be heard when recited loudly. Reference: McWhirter, D. A. (1994). Exploring the separation of church and state. Exploring the Constitution series. Phoenix, Arizona: Oryx Press. Patrick, J. J. , & Long, G. P. (1999). Constitutional debates on freedom of religion A documentary history. Primary documents in American history and contemporary issues. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press. Pike, E. R. (2006). Human documents of the industrial revolution in britain. USA: Taylor & Francis.

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