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Gay And Lesbianism And The Marriage Function

It seems that lesbianism will continuously grow in the coming years. This is not because lesbianism is celebrated but because the structures as well as the rituals have vanished from the world of women who are in their 30s and 20s. When considering older women, homosexuality offers to them a cold moment of intimacy. They never contemplate that lesbianism relationship can destroy their family relations if perhaps they happen to take a daughter for a lover (McAnulty & Michele2006).

It’s true that some college students have lesbianism affairs. Some liberal arts colleges are encouraging these women to settle into lesbianism relationships. This means that some of the country’s brightest young women will shy away from becoming mothers unless they end up getting a child in a lab. With some of these women this appears to them as a subject of a tasteless joke (McAnulty & Michele2006).

I concur that lesbianism is soaring in the west until men have to have an assertion of them in the west. The truth is that a woman does not take lesbianism as a refuge where she can prosper in, but it’s a dysfunction towards the male weakness (McAnulty & Michele2006). Those people who are poorly educated have a problem in understanding that their marriage is an equal partnership where the roles involve biological imperatives.

While we can accept that some lesbians can be culturally induced, lesbians can still be considered as a biological thing. Some lesbians felt lesbians from a young age despite whether they became heterosexuals or not. We ca argue that biological lesbianism is on increase in western countries. African countries are also increasingly getting their share (McAnulty & Michele2006). Reference McAnulty Richard D& Burnette M. Michele (2006): Sex and Sexuality: ISBN 0275985822, Greenwood Publishing Group.

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