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A Letter To Request For Increased Funding

Southern California Pro Health Advocacy Group has been in operation since the year 2003 with the objective of improving public health care in the subregion. The organization has undertaken many projects such as setting up of health facilities in rural South California and conducting free seminars to educate people about their health so as to reduce health expenses in the area. The organization has however been faced with a lot of challenges as it has not been able to fully cater for the health requirements of the society. This has been due to the shortage of facilities and drugs caused by limited funds available to the organization.

The growing population is also slowly outgrowing the number of available health care centers in this subregion. South California Pro Health Advocacy Group together with its stakeholders would like to place a request to the federal government for increased funding to help in the improvement health care in the region. According to the budget incorporated in our plan, we would like to request for $126,000,000. The organization realizes the nature of your tight budget but would humbly request you to find this request worthy for the overall betterment of health in Southern California.

It is our intention that should you approve our request then the funds obtained will be used only for the purpose they are intended for and that a summary of all activities and budgets will be sent to the government for appraisal. Over the last few months the committee of the organization has come up with plans and ideas of what the organization can do to improve health. What we realize is that we have the ambitions and the plans but these cannot be implemented unless we have the funds to set off the various projects.

It is therefore a humble request to the government to help us in making our plans and ambitions a reality. The focus of the group is to improve health care through provision of quality and affordable health care mostly by constructing more health facilities and adding health personnel to cater for the patients. Among the major undertakings will be to modernize the current health care facilities available, promote the prevention of diseases and strengthen public health awareness through campaigns. The organization also wants to make sure that all diseases can be treated locally and cheaply without having to make referrals.

Due to the the increased prevalence in poor oral health among children in the subregion, there is a dire need to address the issue through education and provision of cheaper dental health services. To provide cheaper medical care, the organization will use the funds received to build more health centers in the region. Once these have been completed, the organization will liaise with the relevant manufacturers so as to buy large quantities of drugs, a tactic that will enable us to buy at a cheaper price.

Since our organization is not a profit making organization, we can then be able to supply the drugs at a very cheap price to all patients. Considering that organization may not be able to meet new health facilities construction at once, we will embark on provision of health services to those who can’t reach the available ones by forming mobile clinics. Every community will have the opportunity to attend a mobile clinic complete with all the required personnel and drugs. This is a major step in improving the state of health in Southern California. The organizations also intends to intensify its campaigns aimed at prevention of diseases.

It has been with a sincere observation that this organization has noted the many deaths caused by preventable diseases. Due to changing lifestyles, more people are getting diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and obesity. These are diseases that could be prevented through proper diet and lifestyle changes but continue to kill many people. The organization will therefore conduct seminars and training sessions to reduce such occurrences. There are other diseases as well that need to be addressed so as to prevent their occurrence in future and therefore help to reduce the government expenditure.

In our longterm plans after obtaining the funds, the organization intends to make sure that every child is immunized so as to prevent diseases. Educating people on various health issues was a major consideration in our health improvement plans. This will mostly be done through education forums to be conducted in schools and in organizations. There are also plans to establish centers within the health care compounds that will hold lessons once a week for each of the following groups: Pregnant mothers and new mothers, persons suffering from HIV/AIDS , diabetes patients and cancer patients.

These forums will be conducted every day to address the various problems facing these groups of people and advice them on their health. At Southern California Pro Health Advocacy Group, we are committed to driving change in the public health sector and believe that everyone deserves affordable health care. We have given our best so far and our presence can be felt all over the region. However, we still have more to achieve since we realize that what we have done so far is just a fraction what is needed.

This letter therefore is a means to air our views and to request for the government’s generous contribution towards the success of this organization and the health sector as a whole. We will be more than willing to make any amends or additions that you may require in order to allocate us the funds we have requested for. It is the sincere wish of the community to get quality and affordable health care and our hope is that the government of United States will grant this request. Yours faithfully, THE SECRETARY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PRO HEALTH ADVOCACY GROUP Word Count (927) Work Cited

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