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Compile information on funding sources through Internet research

The process of seeking the sources of funding is actually the process of seeking and processing large volumes of information. In this context, Internet offers almost unlimited opportunities for accessing, analyzing, and requesting funding sources information from various organizations and funding directories. For nonprofit organizations, Internet is a cost-effective solution, which offers vast opportunities for advertising the project and seeking reliable partnerships and potential sponsors.

Donors Forum (, Learn and Serve America’s National Service-Learning Clearinghouse (, (, and Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection ( are just some out of many funding sources organizations may find online.

While some provide general information and allow searching among a wide range of projects and funding sources, others (e.g., NRCS Environmental Quality Incentive Program offer financial and technical support to organizations in specific areas of profit or non-profit activity.

Funding source directories offer a set of online tools, which organizations can use to contact potential partners. Thus, Internet can be successfully utilized as a free, cost-effective, and fast means of accessing valuable funding information and contacting multiple partners at a time.

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