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GSS and Training as Sources of Process

The authors of this particular study naturally insisted the need for the utilization of GSS [Group Support System] in the process of organizational decision making. Considerably, the authors recognized the need for the implementation of such process so as to be able to gain better results to the decisions through organizational cooperation. In this particular study, the authors pointed out the need to become successfully acquainted with the group support system that the organization adapts to.

This would allow not only the administrative division of the organization to create a more effective environment for the organization’s progress but also the workers’ division to relate effectively to the needed changes that has to be applied within the immediate system that the business uses. The use of heuristics has been introduced in this study. Likely, the staid process is aimed in increasing the competency of the GSS application to yield better business progress reports later on.

Methodology To be able to prove that the use of heuristics in the process, the authors decided to use two different groups, one using the heuristic allied GSS and the other with plain GSS systems alone. It could be noted that through the experimental procedure that they have chosen, they are trying to improve the technological approach that is needed to enhance the process of decision making that business organizations naturally need to deal with.

Strengths/weaknesses Obviously, the authors’ approach to the study is indeed effective. It is the reason why the result of the research yielded much success in proving that the use of GSS technology along with heuristics creates a more effective process of support for group decision making procedures. It could be noted through that the results would have become better validated through the implication of the process in an actual business situation.

However, because of the time frame issues, the process is then considered competent enough to handle the research that has been handled in this study. Summary of key results The study further presents the effectiveness of heuristics use in making the connection of the different factors making up a business organization much based in social linkages and interpersonal connections. It could be observed that the authors primarily made it certain for the readers to understand the effective use of heuristics in the process of decision making.

Technology is indeed making a great difference in the part of business operations, however, through this study, it has been proven that human intervention within the system should still be considered as a major factor that increases competence of the system. Contribution Although the GSS systems could already be considered as a major breakthrough in the field of business decision making, heuristics application within the system is considered as a new innovative process of applying group decision making effectiveness in the field of business operations.

Considerably, the study served as a major eye opener that trusting everything to technology is less productive compared to the allied process of considering both technological applications and human interventions altogether to be able to result to better issues in the business system later on. Critique The expertise level of the authors with regards the issue of GSS facilitation within group decision making procedures is indeed proven by the fact that they were able to create effective research for the study’s better application in the actual situations that business organizations have to deal with at present.

More than simply discussing the issue, they managed to create better ways to imply the system in actual pictures of application. Overall, the entire study that the authors performed indeed proves to be among the most indicative researches that has been made in the field of GSS enhancement procedures. Reference: Wheeler, B. C. and J. S. Valacich, “ Facilitation, GSS, and Training as Sources of Process Restrictiveness and Guidance for Structured Group Decision Making: An Empirical Assessment,” Information systems Research, Vol. 7, No. 4, 1996, pp. 429-450.

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