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Internet Communication Tools

The contemporary society is characterized of its fascination on computers and on the internet which render benefits to humankind. There is the undeniable fact that today’s generation is well acquainted with the technology brought by the continuous developments in the field of technology and inventions. Today’s generation or the so-called Generation Y lived in a society where information could readily be accessed. Facts and data could easily be obtained through the use of modern, high-tech tools. The invention of the internet is truly beneficial to mankind.

It provide us tools which are very useful like fun and games, get acquainted with long distance friends and colleagues and purchasing of things could be done using the internet (Children and the Internet, 2007). The familiarity of children on utilizing the computer and exploring the diverse content of the internet is beneficial for them in working with their projects and homeworks. These benefits highly contribute in the improvement of children’s cognitive development and personal growth. Internet nowadays is widely used by people of different walks of life and they utilize the internet in various ways according to their convenience.

Students get used of the internet for school purposes like researching. The internet revolutionized our traditional way of researching for facts and information which we used for school projects and term papers. Other people used the internet for leisure like for games and shopping. The internet is composed of a wide array of entertainment and shops that people are ready to enjoy. Internet will also be a good addition in our healthcare system that will improve not only the information dissemination processes but also the promotional activities of the healthcare institution.

The internet provides various services that will accommodate the needs of every person. Search Engines A Web search engine is a tool designed to locate information on the internet files. Search engines match the words typed in the query on the computer files and put up a list of all the matches that are commonly referred to as hits. The search results may contain various types of format such as web pages, photos and other types of files. Some search engines also look for matches in databases and directories (“Search Engine”, 2009).

Search engines are the gateway to other sites that may be related to the query typed on the box. It is used to search sites with related information or topic. Search engines are very large database of Web sites that are built by robots. Information are found utilizing a software Web crawler or commonly known as spider (“Search Engines”, n. d. ). Some examples of search engines are Yahoo! , Google and Metacrawler. Search engine can be added in the health care system for easy retrieval of patients’ records, data and information. This type of software is used to search databases.

Utilizing search engines in the healthcare facility will help doctors, nurses, administrators, relatives of the patient to retrieve medical records easily. The communication tools is advantageous in the healthcare system for it saves time in locating files and records of the patients and there will be no more lost files and information on patients’ medical records. One of the disadvantages of the search engine is someone unauthorized may have an easy access on the files and medical records of patients which should remain confidential upon the patient’s request.

The medical facility will have to develop a database of the information they want to store in order to apply search engines. The medical records of the patients are the primary example. The database will include the patient’s name and all of its medical records and history that will be updated regularly. The search engine will be helpful in locating a patient’s records by typing the name of the patient. Web Chatting Web chatting is a popular internet feature that is frequently used by teenagers nowadays. Web chatting is beneficial in the communication process.

Web chatting is a form of communication that is done on the internet. It can be done between two or more people. Words are typed and being sent to the person you are chatting with (Roeder, 2009). Web chatting sites may have different features. Instant messaging system sends messages through typed text. Sometimes you can also do voice conversations on the internet. Webcams can also be added to be able to see the person you are chatting with. Web chatting can be an effective way for information dissemination and easy communication within a healthcare facility.

This will benefit all the members of the healthcare facility. Web chatting is advantageous in the healthcares facility because it is fast and convenient. It sends messages in an instant and enables quick reply or feedback on the message. However, instant messages are ephemeral. Once the user close the instant messaging window, the message can no longer be retrieved. Web chatting will work in the facility in information dissemination. All departments must have an ID to access the instant messaging site and it must be log-in during the shift or at all times.

Information can be sent to different departments all at once. Web chatting is also an easy way to communicate with people from other departments regarding work-related matters. Through this type of internet communication tool, time will be well spent on other important matters. Web Portals A web portal is a term used for a Web site which aims to aid internet users to connect on the World Wide Web. A web portal provide services such as directory of Web sites, search engine for other sites, news, weather, general information, e-mail and many others. A web portal provides all the functions in a single Web site.

There are private and general niche portals. Some of the major general portals are Yahoo! , CNET and MSN. These sites provide various services to internet users (Alexandrou, 2009). Some companies also adopt private web portals that are privately accessed by members of the organization. Application of web portal will be beneficial not only for the employees but also for people that want to know information about the medical facility. Web portals will be advantageous to the healthcare system for there is a unified website intended for the members of the healthcare facility.

The web portal will provide a wide array of services such as e-mail, payroll information, company news and employee documentation. The site may also provide discussions of the healthcare providers on various medical topics that may be used by researchers. The web portal is also a good way of disseminating information to the members of the organizations as the moderator will post the information and everyone will have an access to it. Community Sites Social networking sites gain popularity as many teenagers get hooked on the meeting and gaining new friends online. Facebook, MySpace and classmates.

com are only some of the examples of community sites that every person in the country has an account. Community sites offer various features such as blog, personal profiles, photo albums and personal video clips. Promotional activities can be done through social networking sites which can be beneficial to the healthcare facility to attract sponsors and also establish prestige. Since community sites are very large and include members of various background, the audience is quite diverse. However, this will be advantageous to the healthcare facility for other people to know what services it offers.

The medical institution will have to make an account on the community site and post various promotional write-ups such as services it offered, awards it garnered and other topics that will encourage the people to look for it. The account must invite friends in the community site for them to see the updates and be informed of the changes and alterations in the institution. References Alexandrou, M. (2009). Definition of Web Portal. MarioAlexandrou. com: Web Strategist and Project Manager. Retrieved March 18, 2009, from http://www. mariosalexandrou. com/definition/web-portal.asp.

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