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Internet companies

On the side of the internet companies, there are also several principles that they are asserting with regards to the network neutrality. In general, they do not believe that full implementation of the rule will bring more good than harm for everybody. One aspect is the amount of investment they used in putting up their facilities to provide internet services. They want to maximize their current structures to be able to bring returns for the initial capital they spent. These broadband providers insist that as a business enterprise, it is natural for them to prioritize income generation with good services they give to their clients.

It would be impractical for them to put a single subscription fee for all services that they are offering, considering the high costs of building their facilities. They firmly believed that services should be proportionate with the fees applied to the consumers. On their part, it does not mean that lower fees will be given poor services but only lower internet speed compared to those who pay higher. Another concern these internet companies are asserting is on the objectivity behind blocking of some web sites and platforms.

As far as they are concerned, blocking of some applications is but natural to protect their company’s interests, just like what the clients are doing to protect their interests also. Generally, they think that such actions will not greatly affect the services they give to their clients and these blocking of some platforms are ways for them to maintain their respective businesses running effectively. There should be restrictions on the internet usage or more problems may arise considering no actions such as that will be made.

For these companies, it is but fair to implement filtering of websites as long as these would not undermine the total services they offer to their clients. They fear that implementing the network neutrality will draw away future investors and as a result, more harm will may happen and will directly affect the economy of the nation. On the part of the government, their primary function is to formulate rules about anything that concerns their citizens and everything under its jurisdiction. Implementations of such laws are also an integral part of their job to protect the public from any attempts to violate their civil rights.

With regards to network neutrality issue, the government serves as the arbitrator between the public users and the broadband companies. They are providing check-in balances that both sides will mutually benefit for any decision that will be made in the end. Consumer groups claim that the government should assure that proper services are given to the public by the respective broadband companies. On the contrary, the government can only address what is being presented to them for their immediate response.

Like what happened in the debate between various consumer groups and the internet providers, the government listened to their appeals and issues raised and finally coming up for possible laws that will resolve the issue. In the United States, there are a lot of alleged violations of network neutrality based on the documented reports of those people who outwardly supports the need for legislation in dealing with the network neutrality issue. The government cannot act on that matter unless there is already an available law that covers such violations.

In other countries like in Europe, the government is already taking immediate actions to legislate laws on the issue of internet neutrality. They are considering the proposals to change the regulation structure in the field of electronics and communications systems to provide better services to the people. The legislators plan to mandate the internet enterprises to provide their clients with more options for the public to choose whether they want a particular service or not. These should not affect the rights of a customer to access whatever he wants to, but proper regulations will still be applied.

Presently, some of the country’s regulation still gives the broadband companies to apply diversified services for various customers in their regions. As far as the issue on the network neutrality is concerned, it is believed all has capabilities to control over the various issues presented. The public can put pressures on the government to act on these matters and lay objectivity on their appeals. The consumers can ask for laws that will open opportunities for other broadband companies to establish and offer cheaper but better services compared to the present offers of the internet providers currently in the business stream.

On the part of the government, they can institute laws that will provide regulations for such problems regarding the network neutrality. Mandated by the law of to address every issue that may directly or indirectly affect its public, the government has the greater call to resolve the issue. With the help of the existing laws and regulations, they can direct these companies to follow their directives or suffer from penalties and fines. They can also order suspensions and permanent closures once repetitive violations will be made by the concerned broadband companies.

On the other hand, these business enterprises can practice ethical standards in dealing with their clients to satisfy the consumer demands for better network flow. They can inform their client with any developments and the public will surely grasp their intentions if it were made clearly. Transparency is one factor that will bridge more understanding by the public with the internet companies. As a fellow consumer in the broadband technology, it is a given fact that I should take my side on the consumer groups.

It is imperative for these companies to offer the best services they can give to their clients. They should not control the network and blocked any sites without proper information to their clients. As a consumer, I believe I have the right to be informed about anything in relation with the services we are using. On the other hand, I believe that proper regulations should be made regarding the blocking of some sites. As I would like to protect my interests as a consumer, it is also the right of these companies to protect their interests as well.

What should be done is to have proper communications between the subscribers and the internet companies. Debates should still continue for better understanding between stakeholders. The public should also be aware of the points being raised by both sides. Every detail should be discussed with the public so that better appreciation of facts will be made easier. The problem arises when one of these parties do not practice ethical standards in dealing with each other. Some broadband companies just think of how they can profit more even if this will be at the expense of their clients.

Their greediness will surely bring more problems rather than solutions. If they will only prioritize those clients who pay much and less concern will be given to those who pay less, it would bring dilemma for both parties. The government then should address this issue. Many attempts were already made to regulate and resolve this controversy but it seems that more problems within the government are being observed. If only each legislators will be dedicated to the welfare of their people, then there would be no problems in coming up of laws and ordinances.

Corruptions in the government should be eradicated and lobbying of multinational companies should not affect the decisions of the government. Network neutrality issue should be addressed with total impartiality by the government and the legislations should provide proper closure and better understanding between the public and the broadband corporations.

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