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Concern on the debate

Groups sharing the same circumstances can be classified into three major clusters namely, the users, broadband service groups, and the government people. The issues being raised by the user groups deals with the specifications of audio transmissions over internet and network games given a low bandwidth parameter. Another major concern being debated on is the provision given by the service networks like the increasing subscribers of wireless links and internet sharing, a cause for the decrease in service networks profits.

For the broadband network owners, issues included are the management of traffic flow being done by other internet providers to control bandwidth allocations to their clients. Other concerns include improvements of structures and internet technology that might give the service costs more affordable. Further improvements also include incorporation of voice calls through internet that threatened the revenues of different telephone companies. Other software applications specifically for anti malicious programs are also integrated in the issues raised by the said group.

On the government side, issues incorporated are those related to building more structures within their respective countries that would enhance the speed of data communication networks. The government also concerns on the maintaining the network providers and users mutual relationship and giving balanced approaches on the demands of each side. Additional amendments on the present rules on the network issues are also given concern on the debate.

These amendments are needed to keep with the continuous technology advancement. With respect to the principles the subscribers are holding on this issue, what they want is to fully implement the provisions stated in the network neutrality rule. These people want full access on whatever web sites they want have access with. Moreover, they want the broadband service providers to be cautioned by the government once these companies violated the rules as stated in the neutrality in the internet.

One of these acts of the internet companies are blocking of access in other platforms while giving more allocations to their common clients. Management of network interchange is one of the things being contested by the user groups since they believed that these companies are prioritizing profits over their offered services. While it is true that internet companies are now entering mutual arrangements to provide interconnections with each other, there are still flaws with the agreements that need to be fixed.

Another concern is the costs being applied by the broadband companies to their clients. They are currently giving more bandwidths for higher service costs and less frequency range are dedicated for those who pay less. What these consumers demand is to declassify the present pricing applied by the internet companies. Consumers believe that the amount of their fees should not be proportionate with the service offered by the companies.

On the other hand, the clients also demand the government efforts to attract more companies to offer the same service. This would prevent total control of the present companies over their pricing schemes and services offered. With more companies venturing with the same business, competition will arise and the benefits of such rivalry would include lower prices for better services. Companies then would be forced to improve their facilities to offer better schemes compared to their competitors, benefiting the public in general.

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