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For the sustainability component

To start with, sustainability is the essential component of any grant proposal writing. Although organizations may not always make prior decisions in regards to the sources of future funding, they are nevertheless responsible for presenting their considerations about future project planning, as well as their ideas about funding, if the project continues beyond the years of the initial grant (Anonymous, 2008a).

The list of potential funding sources will differ, depending on the ultimate goal of the funding project; i.e., where organizations seek funding for a program or a project, the sources of funding will differ from those in capital or equipment grants. The latter also requires that organizations determine the potential sources for meeting the costs of equipment or capital.

Here, potential sources of funding may include “continuation grants from foundations and corporations” (the organizations that provide ongoing funding support) and annual campaigns (these usually include special events, or membership drives, or even gift clubs – Anonymous, 2008a). Fees for service are also listed among the potential sources of funding. “If your organization plans to ask clients to pay fees, the fee scale and a revenue plan should be shown in the proposal” (Anonymous, 2008a).

Organizations may either determine a reasonable fee or provide the expected volume of donations. Finally, sales of items or activities may become a reliable source of funding for organizations, which expect to set up profitable sales programs.

Partnerships stand separately in this list of potential funding sources. Despite the low level of partnership efficiency, many nonprofit organizations form partnerships as the means to obtain continuous funding. Although organizations mostly use partnerships to achieve their strategic goals and form profitable alliances, few organizations admit that partnerships sometimes become the only relevant source of grant funds (Ostrower, 2005).

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