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Acquiring the Necessary Discipline

My desire to succeed and to eventually reach my life’s goals has been the greatest factor that has enabled me to display utmost determination. In the process of this pursuit, I have been made aware of my own personal inherent limitations, both in academics as well as in athletics, that can only emphasize the necessity to be under the tutelage of a premier educational system.

Based on this reality, I humbly declare my intent to be among the successful candidates to be given the opportunity of pursuing my dreams in ISU, knowing that my determination to reach my optimal level of competence will be justly guided by the excellence of the said university. Several important persons are responsible for my having acquired a strong sense for success. They have taught me the fallacy of waiting for your goals to simply arrive without the necessary hard work that goes with attaining them.

First among them is my educator in 1st grade, for the basic yet very astute importance of ingraining in me the habit of continually making realistic and achievable goals. Next is my father who endlessly shows me practical lessons on hard work, based on his examples in his business venture. Another is my mother, who never seems to display exhaustion from making sure that I will have the most beneficial advantages within my grasp. From all these people, I have been blessed with the virtues of perseverance and determination.

My belief in determination as the most important virtue that a person may acquire is bolstered in my academic experiences in high school, particularly in being included in the AP Physics class, wherein most of the class, with me as an exemption, belongs to the upper levels of academic strata. Here, it is worth noting to commend my professor who, despite of my difficulties in the said class, never lost faith in my abilities. His words were indeed very inspiring, specifically on how he explained that AP Physics is very comparable to drinking water from a fire hose; in that one can only get a little knowledge at a time.

Armed with this tenet and with my professor’s trust, I overcame the adjustment period and soon became comfortable with the very difficult subject. I believe my experiences in high school, the difficulties that I was able to overcome and the leadership quality that I have attained through sports activities, such as water polo and swimming, have prepared me well for the greater challenges that await me as I pursue my goal of a business degree in higher education.

As such, I am no longer the person who is lacking of the confidence to succeed. I am aware that whatever challenges life will present, be it in academics or otherwise, I now possess the qualities to make a difference, to persevere, to never entertain any thought of quitting, and to be able to exhibit utmost determination to attain whatever I have envisioned myself of becoming. (494 words)

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