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English gradually

“Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition such as lifting weights, we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity”. There were the words of the famous author, Stephen R. Covey that has reverberated in my mind and has inspired me to become a stronger person. I was born and raised in Korea and completed my high school education in my native land.

In the Korean system of education, English was not taught until the 7th grade. The sudden shift to the American school system where English is the medium of instruction was a challenge that I have encountered when I studied in an American school in Korea. Learning all my academic subjects in a foreign language was a task that I hurdled. With patience and hard work, I was able to adjust to the school system and my verbal and written communication skills in English gradually improved.

Although I have traveled in the United States as a tourist and have adjusted to the culture of foreign nationals when I was in high school, it was difficult for me to adjust to the American culture and environment when I was completely alone and away from my family when I took my college education in the US. Initially, I felt completely lost because I have no one to depend on and my parents and siblings could not provide me any moral support.

In addition, my mind was also filled with worries since I learned that my mother was sick and she must remain in Korea for her medical treatment. During those years, I could not focus on my studies and I was in a lot of stress. As a result of my adjustment problem and worries, my GPA was affected. However, my low GPA did not become a hindrance in my determination to complete my education. It was in my struggles that I realized my strength and this also led me to discover the college degree that is meant for me.

When I shifted to another field of studies, my GPA improved, I stayed focus and I completed my college education amidst all the challenges that came my way. My personal and professional experiences greatly influenced my decision to pursue a field in (name of college degree). I was involved with the community services and have worked in a law office as an intern for three months. Since I am a sociable and service oriented person, I enjoy dealing with people from all walks of life. My desire to live a life worthy of service to those who are in need is what defines me as a person.

My willingness to take the risk to surpass the barriers and achieve success has helped me become what I am now. I always believe that with my capabilities I will be able to withstand the challenges of life and triumph over any obstacles that may interfere in my dreams and aspirations in life. With positive thoughts and strong determination, I have survived the ordeals in my life and I became a better person. I am guided with the belief that no matter how rough the road of life may be, the journey ahead will be smoother.

The challenges that I have experienced should not measured by the length of time it took me to overcome them. What matters most is what I have learned from those struggles and what I became as a result of those challenges. Surviving the journey of education independently taught me to depend on my own strength and to appreciate the value of my family, friends and mentors. Adjusting to a foreign school system and to a new environment was difficult but determination and persistence was my key in surpassing adversity.

Since knowledge is the most powerful weapon that any person could possess, confronting the challenges of education is worth more than the toll of being out of school and tasting the bitterness of ignorance. With my college degree, I was fortunate to be endowed with the gift of knowledge that I intend to use to achieve my goals in life. Armed with self motivation, fortitude and my passion to succeed, I intend to acquire more knowledge from work, experiences and further studies and look forward to a future filled with hopes as I continue to serve my community and those who will need my services.

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