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Business English Communication” class

With reference to your memo dated December 19, 2008, I appreciate your concerns about my professional and personal development. Idea discussed in the memo that I should takes a “business English communication” class, was quite attractive and practical. I thought that it would help me to learn practical importance of two way communication in an organization. I took the class and am now equipped with the necessary skills of effective business communication. This course enabled me to develop communication according to the needs and requirements of the target audience.

I now can summarize and simplify the business communication and information according to mental level and language capacity of the audience. Furthermore, course helped me to fabricate examples to communicates ideas clearly and effectively. I learnt the art of two-way communications. I can arrange presentations according to business needs and can request clarifications whenever needed in order to ensure that customer and stakeholders are getting the information they require. I can further adapt a bilingual strategy whenever needed to communicate effectively.

In summary, this course will really help me in achieving our departmental and organizational goals. I kindly request you reimburse tuitions and related costs for “Business English Communication” class from “professional development fund” as this course was taken due to your constant pursuance and it will ultimately benefit my organization. I look forward hearing from you a favorable response. Invoice for tuition fee and other related costs are appended Regards [Your Signature] Your Name

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