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Comparison of Pictorial and Illustrated Technical Communication

The purpose of this comparative analysis is to establish which medium of technical communication delivers the message most effectively to its audience. People with non-technical knowledge of electronic appliances may prefer a step by step illustrated process to enable them to assemble or operate the device. For those with technical knowledge, written notes and a picture of the final product may suffice. The sources listed below help to examine this aspect. Martin, M. , O’Sullivan, R.,

The Case for “Technical Communicator. ” Change Management Solutions. 2006, www. stc. org/PDF_Files/caseTC. pdf. Accessed March, 20, 2009. The article explores the challenge of communicating technical information to society in an information age that demands for simpler ways of conveying the message. It compares past and present methods and concludes that the technical communicator in today’s world must use modern tools to ensure the audience understands the message. Hayhoe, G.

,’The Future of Technical Writing and Editing’. Technical Communication 54:281-82. 2007. The author advocates for the development of various tools to create effective ways of communicating technical information to the audience such as the use visual aids, print and electronic media. Thomas E. Pearsall. The Elements of Technical Writing, 2nd ed. , Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon, 2001. This book outlines the important aspects that should be incorporated in technical communication works. Tradbit Inc.

, Canon EF / E-F Camera Repair Manual, Tradebit, http://www. tradebit. com/filedetail. php/829253-canon-ef-e-f-camera-repair-manual>, accessed March 21, 2009 This is a detailed service manual with pictures and illustrations explaining how to repair a Canon camera. Eservice Info, Nokia 9110 service manual, eserviceinfo. com, http://www. eserviceinfo. com-gsm-nokia-service-manual>, accessed March 21, 2009. This manual describes the various problems that the phone may develop, and how to solve them.

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