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Admissions Essay at the University of Colorado

It has been a lifelong dream to be able to receive a world class college education from the University of Colorado – Boulder. The Flagship 2030 strategic plan only serves to reinforce this aspiration. I strive for excellence in every endeavor I embark upon with the purpose of creating a better world for my family, my friends, my classmates, and my environment. A degree from UC – Boulder will set me confidently in the direction of this dream. I have been committed to academic excellence throughout my education. My family has always stressed the importance of a great education while at the same time preparing me for whatever I chose to become.

I have always known that I hold the keys to my own future, but that future will only present itself through strong relationships that are mutually beneficial. With this in mind, the Flagship 2030 plan will allow me the opportunity to create new meaningful relationships as I take the next step on my journey. For me, the most intriguing concept supporting my faith in the Flagship 2030 is the stringent commitment to ‘academic excellence, leadership, and a deeper meaning of the world in which we live. ’ This ethos directly aligns with my philosophy of acting in the faith of the greater good.

I thrive in settings where I can learn from diverse cultures and I feel a vast need for fostering community in my everyday life. I hope to immerse myself not only in my research and coursework, but also the creative arts scene and through community service projects. I know that I am only who I am thanks to the aid, guidance, patience, and love of the people who have supported me throughout my life. I want future generations to have better opportunities than I can even imagine at this point in my life and this will only happen through a commitment to giving back to the community that enriches our lives.

My college education will be more than just a certificate that gets handed to me as I walk across the podium so I can put it on a wall in my office to show people I am legitimate, although that will be a nice ancillary result. I want my education from UC- Boulder to be evident in the way that I hold my head up high and look people in the eye when we are working together on a project. I expect my education to shine as I step into my first job, when I volunteer at the food shelf, and when I tutor people in my area of expertise.

My hopes for my college education at the University of Colorado – Boulder are boundless and my work ethic is present to match. I look forward to the constant challenges of thinking in new ways, meeting new people, and becoming an educated and respected adult that values academic rigor, civic duty, and humanitarian contributions. The Flagship 2030 strategic plan and I share these ideals and this is why I believe I will be a great asset to this already stunning institute of higher learning.

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