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Althaus-Reid’s Feminist Theology

On Wearing Skirts Without Underwear, an article written by Marcella Maria Althaus-Reid, delves on the several complexities that associate and define Christology in the context of feminist sexuality and its consequences to the entirety of Theology, both from the Liberationist’s as well as the Indecentist’s perspectives. Here, what is evident is the attempt to justify the writer’s argument that the Christian faith and its scriptures are inclined to portray a certain level of bias to the female gender, especially when taking into consideration two realities—God’s masculinity and woman’s presentation in a meek, submissive, and reproductive role.

Althaus-Reid has been clear in this matter, as evidenced in her assumption that “God has sex with young Mary without a meaningful relationship, and Jesus is conceived by male and not by female desire” (Althaus-Reid 41). It is evident that this argument claimed by the author is indeed verifiable in the Holy Scriptures. As such, Christianity permeates with an idea of a male-God, while women are relegated to the roles of sinner-repenter, as in the cases with Mary Magdalene and the adulterer; and of submissive followers such as Mary the mother of Jesus during the Annunciation.

My basis for agreeing with the argument that was presented by the author is also based on the present structures of different factions of Christianity, be it Catholic, Protestant, or Fundamentalist, wherein the idea of a male-dominated conclave can still be evidenced in the priests or ministers that has remained mainly if not entirely male-dominated. QUESTION: What would be the contemporary social and religious structural consequences if the early church opted to present God’s omnipotence in a less-masculine manner?

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