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Understanding Puritan Beliefs

During the late 16th and early 17th century, there are some of the major states and cities in the United State of America, which have undergone extensive colonization and migration from a group of Puritan people. Due to extensive discrimination and difficulties they have experienced in their own country, which is in England, in abiding to their own religious beliefs, this group of religious people have decided to forcibly move to another area where they could freely practice their religious values and live their life according to their faith.

Thus, this specific event has paved the way towards the extensive and quarrelsome Puritans invasion in the United States, which has caused and instigated various conflicts and tensions to the entire movement. Certainly, because of distinct and stiff details of Puritan beliefs this movement has experienced and gained various conflicts towards achieving their objective in transforming and encouraging the people in living according to the doctrine and teachings of God.

Thus, the unbending Puritan belief that regard that sinners are equally rejected by the society serves as one of the main areas and aspects, which this garnered this religious movement numerous conflicts against various groups of people and other religious standpoints during the olden days.

Widely known as a religious group that support and persuades people to live a under the strict adherence from Jesus Christ’s holiness and purity, this kind of Puritan standpoint has generated immense tension against other group, which criticizes and condemns the movement as inhumane and places excessive response to all the sinners with the way these people suffer their consequences and punishments that are accordingly set from Puritan religious beliefs or point of view.

Hence, this type of Puritan belief has established a tension, more especially to a group of people that advocate equal treatment for human rights, which condemn the overall process with the way how the Puritan movement render immense public cruelty and social disgrace among the sinners and regard this as a deed of inhumanity and lack of sympathy against humankind.

Moreover, the basic Puritan Belief that says God has died in the cross and buried for the chosen ones only, which set another path and renders contradictory statement on the widely regarded religious standpoint that Jesus Christ has been crucified in the cross for everyone and for the salvation of all the people, is indeed one of the many Puritan belief that ignites various conflicts against other religious beliefs.

Thus, back in the days, this Puritan standpoint with regard to Jesus Christ’s death on the cross has set an apparent tension in the debate and discussion on the issue of diversity between various contradicting religious points of views. The Puritan movement also encountered conflict with another group of religious people with their particular belief, which renders strict details with regard to the proper organization of church.

As per the Puritan’s religious point of view, the church must be organized according to the scriptures and the teachings of bible that contradicts another point of view about the leadership of bishops. On the other hand, the Anglicans contest this Puritan belief and movement, which tells about that church, without any violations from the Bible’s teaching and scriptures, should be under the leadership and organization of episcopacy or under the government of bishops. In addition to this, the Anglican also pointed out that this way of organizing the church is already tried and tested.

Therefore, it is accepted and accurate to allow the bishops organize the church. Lastly, throughout the span of this conflict and tension, the Puritan Movement has remained composed and sturdy that the bible and scripture renders strict details as how the church should be managed and that the Anglicans are missing the vital point of essence of scriptures and significant teachings of the bible with their belief about episcopacy. Work Cited Puritanism, Puritans. Last Updated 09 July 2008. 31 March 2009 <http://mb-soft. com/believe/txc/puritani. htm>

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