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What does it mean to be a part of a faith community?

In my own point of view, I perceive that faith community is just like a family. To be enrolled in a Catholic school is a bit complicated in my part (as I am a Hindu believer) because I have to adjust and observe another kind of faith which is absolutely different from what I believe in. Members’ beliefs and principles are guided and molded through the faith community. Just like the catholic, its member is very devout on what they believe in. The structural features of this faith community include a body of ideas, beliefs, doctrines, dogmas, rituals, and ceremonies.

In contemporary faith community (especially the Catholics), these are rationalized and systematized in the form of theologies and creeds. The patterns of conduct are those required by the supernatural power of people. There are also practices intended to propitiate the supernatural as well as the intermediaries. In addition, as a member of this faith community, you have to abide on its rules and beliefs. Most of the time, you have to join and get involved on its activities. Moreover, the member’s perception and personality are shaped through its belief which the faith community has taught on them. 2.

What about the catholic faith is most appealing and what is most troubling? Catholic faith is one of the oldest beliefs on earth. The most appealing on this faith is about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to save the lost. According to the Holy Scripture of the Catholic, Bible, that Jesus is the only son of God and laid down his life for his people and that no man can go to heaven except through Jesus Christ. Imagine, he died and rose from the dead! That’s amazing, isn’t it? I never heard a religion professing that its Lord died and came back to life to show that its believers are in victory.

In my own perspective, it’s a good thing that this belief is giving hope to those are hopeless. It encourages its believers that no matter what happen, there is a God who loves and cares for them. However, I have some troubling observations regarding this religion. If I speak about my faith, the believers really follow on what my religion has taught us that is related to the writings of my faith. But for Catholics, they have a lot of practices which are not in the Bible. They have the sign of the cross and I can’t understand why they pray to Mary.

As I have learned from what I have read and observe from their Bible, it’s clearly stated that only Jesus Christ is able to hear and answer their prayers but how come they continually pray to Mary and ask for help from her. Isn’t Mary just like us as stated in their scriptures? Why do Catholics pray for her? Is it because she’s the mother of Jesus? I guess, she is a human being blessed by God to bore his child but she’s never been a god. In my own perspective, the Catholic believers should only based their practices on what is written on their scriptures so that it is more accurate and meaningful.

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