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Faith Story

Every culture has its own belief or faith. Every people have different forms of justification about their God. Culture, tradition and religious belief are important for me because a person can be defined and identified through its roots whether it is good or bad. Different cultures have different ways of giving name to their child. Most of the time, the name that parents give to their children signifies power and humility based on their faith because it gives guidance to their children’s journey in life. My name is Alexander Julian Jenkins.

The name Alexander comes from my grandmother named Alice while Julian comes from my father and uncle named Julian. According to my mother named Sandra, she gave me that name because close and important persons in her life own the same name. Aside from this, Alexander also means guardian and protector of man. During my confirmation, they also gave me another name – Gabriel, which means God is my strength. Conversely, family history is important for me because it shows my heritage – where I came from and why I have those set of values.

Living without knowing where you came from is like living in the wild, devoid of your roots and tradition. I was born in July 4, 1990, Independence Day. My mother told me that I am unique because when I went out from her womb, my eyes are wide open as if I know what is happening then. In this point time, I can say that my family is almost perfect; I have my loving parents and stepsisters. My parents guide me whenever I needed them. They make sure that I am doing my responsibilities very well whether it is a household chores or a sociological interaction.

When it comes to my stepsisters, I have no problem with them. They treated me as their own brother. I did not feel any rejection coming from their side because I know that they really like and love me for I am the only son. Dr. Martin Luther King has the most influence on me because when I was a little boy I could have gotten into physical altercation with other kids who were bullies but I followed my mother’s advice to listen to Dr. Martin Luther King’s words from one of his children’s books: Fight with your heart not with you hands.

Because I am still in high school, I look forward to my college days and living myself independently. I am also excited to the fact that I am going to have my graduation for the first time. I know that this graduation is not only meaningful for me but also for my family as well. When the time comes that I have to live all by myself, I know I will be needing my parents and I will miss their company but I know that they were always be there for me as I promised them to be a successful individual in the future.

As part of our tradition, we are always celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, thanksgiving, and Christmas. Our family are very happy when we are about to celebrate those occasions but aside from the happiness, fulfillment and identity were also felt by the family because we know who we are – our traditions, culture, and faith. Aside from these, we have a lot of time to travel in different places. Some of the most meaningful trip that we have is when my father celebrated his birthday last December and we have Christmas early because of his mobilization to the Fort Drum in New York.

Another meaningful experience is during the time when I sang with the Keystone State Boys Choir. We also traveled to Brazil and experienced a world that is far from what we have. We also visited the Amazon, Manaus and Oro Preto and Rio de Jenero, during this trip I knew that I have some of my mother’s heritage in those places. However, while I am happy and contented with my family life, I am also a contented servant of God. When I was younger, I had a vague idea what God was and was very confused with God being Jesus and Jesus being God concept.

I find my worldview to be very liberal and influenced by a large group of people and religious beliefs but one day when we went to the church, I was mesmerized by the beautiful architecture. Because of that, I saw God in a positive way because I knew that God is everything. My family and I used to go to our church in St. Madeline’s of Sophie every Sunday to have our mass. While my parents are attending the mass, I am the altar sever. I am happy to be one of the altar server because I used to have different set of friends, having different kinds of experiences and most especially, serving God in a formal way.

My fondest memory in the church was when Cardinal Justin Rigaldi recognized one person from each parish and to my surprise; I am the one he called for year 2007. Many of partake roles in our church brought us together every Sunday. After attending the mass, we are having breakfast in a wonderful restaurant at Chestnut Hill and have time to share our moments together with my family. While having a good breakfast in a wonderful restaurant I used to think of my past before I enter church as an altar servant. I am thankful that I have my parents who pushed me to serve God through altar serving.

Without them, I would not be as god-fearing as I am right now. As a whole, I can say that from the beginning of my life, my destiny is to have God in my heart. Despite of all my parents’ choice to let me serve the church if I myself do not want to be servant, it is meaningless. Therefore, I come to realized that this is my choice – to live my life in the light of God no matter how hard it is I am striving to become what my parents’ simple wish, a wish for me to become a man with faith, dignity, and pride towards evil. Reference Name. (date). Title. Publisher.

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