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Understanding and acceptance

While most people like to be unrestrained and far away from the restrictions found within most families, there is a force that pulls people back to their place of origin—love. INTRODUCTION In every organism, there are certain basic needs aside food, clothing and shelter; they are equally important. This is the need to love and be loved, and also the sense of belonging. Both are interconnected. These needs are indispensable in the life of every individual.

They become inevitable when there is no group that guarantees acceptance and sense of belonging. CONNECTION TO ETHNICITY OR FAMILY People go where they are loved and appreciated: rarely do you find people where they are rejected and scolded for necessary or otherwise reasons. It is such group that guarantees unlimited acceptance that has created a niche in society as ethnic groups and family structures. Within this niche, there is chastisement with love and focus, there is understanding and acceptance.

Besides, there is similarity of purpose and cultural beliefs. However, there are times when one feels unconnected to family or an ethnic group; this may happen in the absence that is associated with association with this niche. In daily events and experiences, there is a tendency to crave for freedom from the influences that the niche portrays. This can be partly explained by familiarity, and the independence trait in each individual.

In this situation, there is still a long and strong cord connecting to the favorable characteristics that constitute the environment. It is the force of acceptance and love that the niche has instilled in the individual that stays for a long time. This tends to pull people back even when they do desire freedom. CONCLUSION The fruitful relationship in family, similarity of values keeps people bound to this niche, even when they desire freedom from such inflences.

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