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Understanding the Film Magnolia

The movie Magnolia that has been released in the year 1999 is regarded to be one of the films that employ the vaguest plot and theme in its story. As the movie depicts various characters and personalities in its story line, it can be said that the elements of fate and coincidence is apparent in the movie which can be seen in both implicit and explicit approaches.

With the fact that the main characters in the movie, who happens to be strangers to each other, have unintentionally interrelated there life in one of the days in Los Angeles, it is evident that these sequence of events in the movie is a picture of coincidences wherein these have all happened by chance without the choices or preferences of the people involved in a story. However, in a deeper review of these events in the film, it could most probably be stated the film is more than just about a picture of coincidences (Magnolia).

Thus, from a personal point of view, it can be said that the movie Magnolia is about fate. Though the progress of events in the lives of the main characters involved in the story are happening under the same day, more especially in the almost the same period of time, it is more acceptable to say that these events in their lives are happening because of fate wherein all of these entails particular reasons; it just happened that all of these have occurred in the same day in the lives of different people.

In the end, its can be said that the depiction of the two main characters with severe health condition and are facing death because of their illness are indeed a representation of the element of fate in the movie. Thus, with the dialogue of the old dying man wherein he said that “all will die” and the other one said that “he has a terminal cancer in her daughter,” these events are definite pictures of fate in the film. Work Cited Magnolia. IGN Entertainment, Inc. 16 December 2008 <http://www. rottentomatoes. com/m/magnolia/>

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