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Film Characters

I don’t really have a preference in the type of movies that I watch. I see any movie that I think are worth watching. There are just certain types of movies that I do not particularly adore. Like romance films, and all of its varieties—romantic comedy or drama. But if I were to categorize movies that I watch, or rather the type of movie that I am most fond of, it has to be under the Unique category. I know it is not really a movie genre but that description is what best describes what movies I watch. A movie that contains something in it never before seen or a modification of previous styles.

I also enjoy inspirational movies—it is still quite broad of a genre and the best way to explain movies like these is that the movie moves me in someway, making me think (really hard) of some issues or profound ideas. Lastly, just like most of movie goers, I enjoy action packed films, especially recent movies that feature realistic but computer animated action sequences. My all-time favorite movie (at least to date) is The Postman starring Kevin Costner back in 1997. It was one of those “moving” movies that I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The Postman is about a drifter re-establishing the postal system by accident after the US government collapsed after a nuclear war resulting to the re-establishment of the US government. It is my favorite movie of all time because it is the first inspirational and moving movie that I have seen. It moved me because the character of Costner [the postman] was just a wandering performer, he had no intention of bringing back order into a chaotic land, he just chanced upon an old postal uniform because he had nothing else to wear. He inspired the people to send letters therefore reuniting the country again.

From an indifferent person to a caring one, zero to hero, call it whatever you want, for me, it is one of the best films ever made. The character of Costner is not even properly named. He is just known as The Postman, which is ironic because he is the lead character of the movie. I liked his character so much because I want to be like him or at least do something that would make a significant impact on society. The chances of me re-establishing a government may be slim but in my own little way, I want to do something helpful to society.

The lead characters of the film consisted of ordinary citizens that were fated to do big things. One of them is the antagonist, which I also liked despite his nature. General Bethlehem was jut sold copier machines before the war but was able to lead an army that dominated the land. During a time of crisis, he saw an opportunity and took it—an important lesson in life but one that should be done without the motive of anarchy. The filmmakers made viewers understand more the lead characters by focusing on their actions and it consequences.

The filmmakers did not bother digging into the background of the lead characters, all viewers practically know is that the Postman was just a traveling entertainer just barely surviving while General Bethlehem’s background was not dealt with much either. Viewers understood that the the Postman didn’t care at first as shown by his hesitation. General Bethlehem on the other hand’s limited background is enough to understand his motivation—that he was once a nobody, but the conflict increased his status and he does not want to give that up.

The most drastic change in character of course happened to the two lead characters mentioned. The postman initially didn’t have a care in the world what happens to the other people around him, in the end he has become the government’s new founder by delivering letters to families. General Bethlehem meanwhile didn’t change, and that caused him his life. The postman offered him a chance to change but he was defiant to the end. His failure to

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