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American people

Modernization of the west took place between the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s, and had a lasting impact on the culture of the West, primarily, the United States (Encarta, 2009). Liberalism, romanticism, and feminism played a tremendous role on what the impact of the industrial revolution had on American culture. Those who belonged to these social categories would prove to intensify the heated debates that were taking place across the country. These beliefs would prove to be changing the very core beliefs of the American people at that time.

These ideals not only coped with those of the industrial revolution, but also complemented many of the inevitable changes that took place during that timeframe. Liberalism can be defined as, an attitude or philosophy that has as its basic core element, ideals that lead to the development of personal freedom and social progress (Encarta encyclopedia, 2009). Before women were allowed to vote in the United States, a large majority of those who would be considered “liberal’s” were at the forefront of the women’s liberation movement.

For example, Susan B. Anthony, a devout liberal and Feminist, fought rigorously for women’s rights in society and politics (http://feminismconflictsandcompromises. com). Susan B Anthony was against the ideal role of what traditional women should play in society stating “We have been obliged to preach women’s rights because many, instead of listening have questioned the right of woman to speak on any subject. ” Her ideals corresponded perfectly with those of change, heralded in by the industrial revolution.

Romanticism first became current in 18th century English, originally meaning “romance like,” or, resembling fanciful characteristics of medieval romances (Encarta Encyclopedia, 2009). Romanticism in art was a movement that took place between the years of 1800 through 1850, and can be identified as a single style technique or attitude in painting and culture that was characterized by the emotional intensity or subjective approach much of the art, literature and culture took during that timeframe.

Furthermore, feeling not reason began to take on a more important role in human affairs, producing such artists and poets as Jean Jacques Rosseau and Edmund Burke. The ideals of Romanticism played a huge role in many of the child labor law reforms that took place during the industrial revolution. People’s emotions were enraged when artists such as Lewis Hine began to take pictures of children who were as young as three years old working long, tedious hours (http://www. historyplace. com).

Before 1908, many people in America had little concern for child labor laws; it was not until artists such as Lewis Hine began exposing some of the darker secrets of the industrial revolution that large portions of the populous began questioning, and even protesting the lack of laws in place that protected young children from such suffering. Feminism, was probably one of the cultural movements that had the most impact on the modernization of America. Feminism or, a collective term for beliefs or theories that paid particular attention to women’s rights, would produce such figures as Susan b Anthony, and, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

During a time of industrial change, many other changes were taking place, debating ideals that were at the very core of American culture and beliefs. While although many feminists were rejected and scorned during their time, the ideals in which they protested against and the policies they helped produce are cherished almost more than a century after their deaths. In conclusion, liberalism, romanticism, and feminism, played an important role in the changes that the industrial revolution and modernism had on American culture.

These social ideologies produced many prominent historical figures that would have a major impact on both literature and politics. These ideologies corresponded beautifully with the challenges American citizens would face due in part to modernization and the industrial revolution.

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