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Peruvian Indigenous People

Christopher Columbus and first Spanish explorers called them Indios II. Language: Although 50% of Peru’s indigenous people speak Spanish, Quechua and Aymara are the dominant dialects spoken by the population which is divided into two groups: 1. The highlanders who have 3. 4 million speakers of mainly Quechua and Aymara 2. The lowlanders of more than 50 Amazonian linguistics have about 30,000 speakers. III. Education: • Shortage of supplies in pre-schools and high schools

• All education directives are imposed from Lima • Teachers are motivated but underpaid • Only two schools, University for Andean Development and Universidad Nacional Intercultural de la Amazonia, offer bilingual and intercultural programme. IV. Threats: • Ethno racism that still prevails despite protests and official policies • Illegal logging and forest over-exploitation • Oil explorations in their dwelling places by oil companies V. Political Participation:

• Reform brought by 2002 regional election seeks to increase indigenous people’s participation and requires party lists that 15% of their candidates are indigenous. • Preident Alejandro Toledo promotes political right of the indigenous people by creating Instituto Nacional de Desarollo de los Pueblos And inos, Amazonicas y Afro-peruanos. References: • Boustany, Nora. Peruvin Honored for Defending Idigenous People. Washington Post Foreign Service(April 26, 2007). Retrieved April 16,2009 from http://www.

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