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An Article on Oneworld Anniversary at

An article regarding the Oneworld Anniversary can be located at Philstar. com and posted in March 19, 2009. It is entitled as ‘Cathay Pacific Celebrates Oneworld 10th Anniversary with First Aircraft in Alliance Livery’, wherein 10 full-member airlines in their fleet are to be used in striking new livery celebration for the aircraft’s celebration of 10th anniversary. Airbus A340-300 was the first aircraft that arrived from Hongkong in March 10 of this year, and then took its first commercial flight to and from Cebu, Philippines in March 11 of this year.

There are two Oneworld aircrafts remaining: the Airbus A330-300, as well as, the Boeing 777-300ER, which were expected to fly in their new colors in the first week of July. Chief Executive Tony Tyler of the Cathay Pacific indicated that the alliance has tremendously helped the company in reaching to new markets, offering more enhanced services, as well as, generating benefits with some of the world’s finest airlines.

He concluded that their alliance with Oneworld shall continue to be part of their strategy for development and future growth in the coming ten years and beyond. From the said article, it is apparent that Oneworld offers tremendous help to companies in the developing countries around the world. Through partnerships and alliances, Oneworld is indeed, an integral part of these companies’ development and future growth.

Through business strategies and tactics that support the company’s income and revenue, alliances with organizations, such as Oneworld, would provide them with the adequate support needed to boost their economy. For Cathay Pacific, which stands as one of the five original founder members of the Oneworld on February 1999 (Cathay Pacific celebrates Oneworld 10th anniversary with first aircraft in alliance livery, 2009, p.

1), it is among those that benefited largely on the alliance, as it brings together the biggest names in the airline industry. Oneworld operates with 10 full members, 20 affiliates, serving around 700 airports in nearly 150 countries around the world (Cathay Pacific celebrates Oneworld, 2009, p. 1) Reference Cathay Pacific celebrates Oneworld 10th anniversary with first aircraft in alliance livery. (2009, March 19). Retrieved July 30, 2009, from the Philstar. com database: http://www. philstar. com/Article. aspx? articleid=449888.

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