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Analyzing Ads

1. Is the organizations Strategy clear in this Ad? The very first impression on introduced antismoking ad is rather controversial than critical or exciting. From the first view of crying kid the emotions have jumped to the top and it is not easy to analyze the real idea and the bottom line hidden underneath the scene. The key idea became obvious for me from the second review of material, as neither cigarette nor smoking person was clearly posed during the clip, only the tiny sign against smoking appeared in the end. The emotions smash out the key idea taking all the attention instead of focusing attention on the harm from smoking.

2. What did they seem to be going for and what comes across as the message? The ad creators were going for idea that smokers die early, they leave their kids and families. So, the circumstances of bad habit are terrible. They do not leave a chance for replacing. The message would be – Quit Smoking instead of quitting early and leaving your Kids. They play on parental feelings creating current antismoking ad. 3. Can the ad be easily categorized (i. e. as an image ad, a product ad, an issues ad) Experiencing the lack of clarity in organization’s structure, current antismoking ad cannot be easily categorized.

However, it deals with health issue, bad habit and family life; it cannot be strictly classified at one of those frames as it is a mix of children care, smoking harm and sympathetic emotions derived by ad. YouTube service classifies this ad as antismoking ad – http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=HYjbWHbbjjg&feature=related . 4. Do the design and copy work together to form an effective ad? If so how? If not, Why not Despite the controversial feelings it is an efficient ad, as it catches the attention and keeps it for a long time. It helps and makes to think about life and what we should do to live longer to stay with our beloved ones.

Children are good actors and they are capable to grasp our feelings from the first minute we look at them, this axiom works for antismoking ad we are analyzing. Good scenario, perfect design and the best actor made the success. One part is missed; I would add an episode in the beginning, which will clarify the purpose, a cigarette, or somebody smoking, etc… Reference: 1. Inbar, M. (2009). Do new anti-smoking ads go too far? Some question whether a young boy’s crying is too real to be acting. TODAYShow. com contributor retrieved July 2, 2009 from http://today. msnbc. msn. com/id/30008941/

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