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Arabs Lavish Jewels on Secretary of State Rice

People have different preferences in life. Some would opt to live a more simple lifestyle, while others would choose to pamper themselves with all the comfort in the world. The article, “Arabs Lavish Jewels on Secretary of State Rice”, discussed how the royalties of Saudi Arabia would show their appreciation for the leaders of the world. From the expensive jewelry showered on top officials, the country’s impressive wealth has reached people from the other parts of the world, with the former President of the United States, Mr. George W.

Bush and Secretary of State, Ms. Condoleezza Rice, to name a few. Such actions have led to numerous queries amongst the people and society. Personally, I believe that the royalties of Saudi Arabia should not give luxurious presents without assurance that their nation would benefit from it, and at the same time, work principles and judgment would not be affected nor altered. Giving luxurious presents should be done with grace and etiquette. They should have their own time and place; and as mentioned earlier, should not come into the way of work principles.

Take the policies of Bush as an example. Analysis of the policies would conclude that some were unfair and unjust. Some may attribute this to the fact that Bush would prefer to give more importance to Saudi Arabia because of the luxurious presents given to him by its leader. Such gifts were estimated to have cost a quarter of a million dollars—the price was even enough to feed the poor countries of the world. The equality deemed becomes absent in this part of the political assistance given by the country.

Instead, Bush assured the people of Saudi Arabia that they would be given the benefits they deemed from the government, and so much more. Furthermore, the federal law of the United States has stipulated that the officials of the country were not allowed to accept personal presents from officials of other countries. This was done so as to avoid the numerous anomalies that may be thrown at the officials of the country. As seen in the article, the presents bestowed on country officials often reflect the kind of personality they have.

Sometimes, the nature or environment of the official is being seen through such luxurious gifts. The most expensive presents given were clear manifestations of the richness of the giver and that of the receiver. The act of giving and appreciating one’s usefulness may sometimes be maliciously noted. Take the luxurious gifts of the Saudi Arabian King as an example. They may have more in life, but such actions may be taken negatively for the United States is dealing with how to improve the country.

The principles of the authorities being showered with gifts would be questioned and can greatly affect the outcome of the decisions they make. Principles are strengthened by beliefs and experiences, and could not be toppled by any luxurious gift or bribe. Furthermore, peace and equality are what we all yearn for in the United States and in the whole world. I agree with how the country handles such issues, especially by keeping the luxurious gifts in the archives of the government.

The policy of the United States may seem unfair for many, but should also be considered and given merit. Giving presents is something to look forward to; for it symbolizes the bonds and friendships formed between alliances. Registering the luxurious presents given by other people in position would definitely affect the way people would perceive society. Moreover, sticking with the principles in life would help the people to become effective government officials through hard work and patience all geared for the betterment of the world.

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